Furniture enters the market, sun drying 137 new flats, the first time I see such a beautiful Mediterranean decoration!

Before buying a house, he also considered more, and finally bought the 137 flat three-bedroom apartment. After that, his parents could stay with us. The Mediterranean style of decoration is like the refreshing and natural beauty. The decoration took more than half a year and was busy every day. In the past few days, the furniture was just arranged. It was clean and very beautiful. The first time I saw such a beautiful Mediterranean style decoration, I was beautiful!

The living room is very refreshing, and the large modular sofa is soft and comfortable, complemented by soft-toned soft pillows. The sofa wall is decorated with a combination of love sea and the effect is super beautiful and it is aesthetically pleasing.

The TV wall is simple and refreshing, adding a lot of Mediterranean-style elements, rudder plates, swimming laps, anchors, and a number of TV cabinets, shells, conch mouldings and crafts.

The restaurant is also good, the furniture is still a bit empty. The walls have also added Mediterranean elements. On one side are wall paintings, the background of the lighthouse in the sea, and the photo wall on the other. The effect is very beautiful.

The kitchen must be done under the counter basin, easy to clean! The integrated stove used in the home can make the tabletop connect as seamlessly as possible, and it also allows the cabinet to be sold in an integrated oven store with accurate dimensions.

Everything in the master bedroom is carefully selected by myself. The lighthouse cabinet, floor lamp, solid wood hand-painted and ship cabinet are all my favorites. Balcony into the master bedroom, so more spacious.

Give the furniture a close-up, the bed is still with a drawer, very good. Bedside lamps are also very clever and they are all Mediterranean style.

The main bedroom wall was made of two racks, which can be used for small decorations or something. Balcony into the bedroom to make a small study.

Sunlight study room, made a simple and practical small desk, as well as cabinets and shelves, white quite beautiful, of course, not less chairs, chairs and stools are prepared, the floor tiles and walls are equipped with no Find.

The children's room is simple and simple. Buy a bed with a storage space. The appearance is still very satisfactory. After summer, it's definitely nice to stay when you are staying.

The children's room has also made a beautiful corner desk, the use of space is just right, there are a lot more space for storage, and some Mediterranean style decorate the next.

In the second bedroom, a one-by-five-meter bed was placed. It was still quite spacious. The decoration was simpler and more refined. Later, my parents arranged here.

The main escort is not beautiful, and it is a heart-water shell washbasin. The faucet is not beautiful. There are separate switches for hot and cold. It's very practical.

The main guard conch wall lamp, there is no very beautiful, warm lighting, super practical at night, not hanging light so dazzling, but also play a role in lighting.

The main bathroom shower area, with the depth of the wall tiles, decorated with a beautiful waist line.

The second guard is also a wash basin with a shell shape. The faucets and bathroom mirrors are more personalized and the effect is very good.

The second guard took into consideration the parents living together in the future, so the toilet directly installed, dry and wet separation naturally can not fall. Like the main guard, the wall tiles are also decorated with a waistline.

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