What are the steps to decorate the house?

In the process of decoration, for customers who just got the key, I don't know how to decorate. Most people choose to decorate themselves in order to save some of their expenses. If you choose to decorate yourself, it is also a headache for you to run the market, than the price. These are just preparations. In order to help you learn more about home improvement, let's take a look at the steps to decorate the house with Xiaobian.


First, what are the steps to decorate the house?

1. First of all, in the early design process, one thing we have to do is to make a measurement on our room, so that in addition to making us accurate when purchasing building materials, we will not be blacked out at the time of settlement.

2. Also know the area involved in the renovation process. In particular, the area of ​​the tile, the area of ​​the wall, the area of ​​the wallpaper, and the area of ​​the tile.

3, then we have to go to the next link, that is, the main body is demolished. Then entered the construction stage, the main body of the demolition mainly includes the demolition of the wall, the shovel wall, the disassembly of the heating, the replacement of steel windows and so on. In other words, it is inappropriate to see what the developer does, and carry out some demolition.

4. When we are demolishing and renovating hydropower, some owners may know that we should make a measurement on the cabinet. Measuring cabinets can't be said to be unimportant, because there are no treatments on the walls and the ground, so there are no specific design sizes.


5. Is there a way to see if the position of the range hood socket will affect the installation of the range hood? It is unreasonable to look at the location where the water meter is installed. It is convenient to install the sink after the position of the water inlet.

6. After the measurement of our cabinets, when the waterway reconstruction is completed, the water in the bathroom should be drained, and the waterproofing must be done well, otherwise it will be very troublesome in the future.

7, the next is woodwork, mason, paint, this process is very dirty, is also an important part of the decoration.

8. There are three links in the mason work. The first is the installation of marble and over, and one is installed in the floor drain. Because this will be installed with the floor tiles, you have to do it together. After the third floor of the kitchen floor tiles and wall tiles are laid out, you can install the range hood.

9. Next, we should enter the process of painting the wall finish. The oil workers mainly complete the surface treatment of the wall surface, brush the topcoat to furniture the woodworker, and paint these details. For friends who are ready to affix wallpapers, you only need to let the oilers do the basic processing on the wall of the wallpaper.

Second, what styles are there to decorate the house?


1. Do you like the Chinese style of decoration? The style is simple and elegant, and it is more elaborate in the workmanship. The color makes people feel very solemn.

2, European style gives people a feeling of art, the earliest origin of this style and Egypt. Loved by the public.

3. Many people now like the Mediterranean style. Because it promotes tranquility, art. Blue and white have a feeling of seaside,

4 American style pays more attention to the quality of life. The United States is a country that advocates freedom, so the style of decoration will not be too much modification and restraint.

The above is a small series for everyone to introduce, what are the steps to decorate the house and what styles the house is decorated. If you have friends who want to know the steps to decorate the house, you can refer to the small series for everyone to introduce, I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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