The difference between polished tiles and polished glaze tiles is better

Pavement decoration is the common practice of most owners. There are tile types such as polished tiles, polished glazed tiles, whole body tiles, antique tiles, and mosaic tiles. Among them, polished tiles and polished glazed tiles are more popular. Which kind of tile is better? Let's take a look at the differences between polished tiles and polished glazed tiles .

First, the difference between polished tiles and polished glazed tiles

Difference between polished tiles and polished glaze bricks 1. Different processes

The polished tile is a whole body tile, which is a tile that polishes the surface of the brick surface. The polished glazed tile is a tile that is polished directly on the surface of the glazed tile, and has the advantages of polished tile and glazed surface.

Difference between polished tiles and polished glazed tiles 2. Different wear resistance

Polished bricks are more wear-resisting, and glazed tiles are glazed on the surface, and enamel wears easily, so the wear resistance is lower.

The difference between polished tiles and polished glaze bricks 3, different anti-fouling ability

Although the surface of the polished tile is smooth, it has bad bubble holes, which can easily absorb stains and have poor antifouling properties. The polished glazed tile has an enamel surface and is more resistant to dirt, so it has good stain resistance.

The difference between polished tiles and polished glazed tiles4. Different specifications

Glazed tile specifications are relatively small, mostly 300 * 300mm small brick, suitable for kitchen bathroom space, and polished tiles have 600 * 600nn, 800 * 800mm large brick, suitable for larger living room use.

The difference between polished tiles and polished glaze bricks 5, different decorative

The surface color and pattern of the polished bricks are relatively single, most of which are solid brick surface effects. The surface of the polished glazed bricks is not only rich in style, but also rich in color, and can be mixed in many colors.

Difference between polished tile and polished glazed tile 6, different price and applicable range

In terms of price, the polished tiles are cheaper than the glazed tiles, and the cost performance is higher. However, they are not suitable for use in wet environments. They are generally used in the dry areas of the living room, and the glazed tiles can be used in wet kitchens. Toilet shop.

Second, choose a good polished tile or glazed polished tile

1, polished tiles

Polished tiles have the advantages of high wear resistance, high brightness, easy cleaning, etc. They are more mature in ceramic tiles. However, the colors and patterns are relatively simple and the selectivity is small. Its relatively modest price, paving process is also relatively simple, is a good selection of indoor tiles.

2. Glazed tiles

Glazed tile is a newly launched star product in recent years. It is relatively young, colorful, high brightness and good stain resistance. However, it cannot be repaired after scratching. It needs more attention when it is used. It needs to avoid grit abrasion, and the price is higher. High, need to reserve a gap when paving.

Editor's Note: The above is about the difference between polished tiles and polished glazed tiles and which tiles to choose. It is hoped that these contents shared by Xiao Bian can help everyone and better select ceramic tiles. If you want to know other relevant knowledge, you can pay attention to our website information.

The difference between polished tiles and polished glazed tiles

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