What is the price of Shimufang wooden doors?

Wooden doors, as the name suggests, are made of wooden materials, so different wooden doors have different advantages and disadvantages, and today I want to introduce a good wooden door - Shimufang wooden doors. In order to let everyone know more about the wooden doors of Shimufang, we can do a good job when choosing wooden doors. Let's follow me to find out how Shimenfang wooden doors are used .

Shimufang doors how to - brand introduction

Shimufang Wooden Doors, affiliated to Shimufang Door Industry Co., Ltd., main products are: wooden doors, solid wood composite doors, paint doors, environmental protection wooden doors and other products, to create a healthy living quality family, is the advocate of healthy Chinese wooden doors and healthy quality of life The leader.

Shimufang wooden door how - type

Composite door: The core of the door is made of pine, fir or imported materials, with solid wood veneer on the outside and pressed at high temperature, and sealed with solid wood lines. Usually high-level solid wood composite doors, the door core is mostly white pine, the surface is solid wood veneer. Because the white pine has small density, light weight, and easy to control the moisture content, the weight of the finished door is lighter, and it is less prone to deformation and cracking. In addition, solid wood composite door also has the characteristics of heat preservation, impact resistance, flame retardant, etc., and the sound insulation effect is almost the same as solid wood doors.

Solid wood door: The natural wood is used as the core of the door. After drying, it is processed by a series of processes such as blanking, planing and high-speed milling.

All wooden doors: the use of natural wood as the core of the door, the balance of the use of triple replacement plate MDF; from the process, with the natural characteristics of wood and environmental protection, to solve the instability of the log; from the modeling point of view, more diverse and delicate .

Shimufang how about wooden doors - optional elements

Functional factors: In addition to considering the anti-theft function when purchasing the entrance door, it is also necessary to consider its beauty and practicality. The wooden door with a heavy sense is the best; when purchasing the bedroom door, the main consideration is Privacy and creating a warm atmosphere, weak light and solid door is the first choice; study room door, you should choose a sound effect of the door type, such as the ancient style with a window edge pattern of wood doors, can produce simple and elegant charm of the book In the purchase of kitchen doors, should choose a good waterproof, good sealing type, can effectively block cooking fumes; when buying bathroom doors, must pay attention to privacy and waterproof.

Quality factors: It is impossible for the user to look at the manufacturer's production process all the time, but the quality of the door can be judged by a simple method. Such as: touch the door of the door frame, panel, corner, requires no scratch, soft and delicate; and then stand on the side of the door to see if the paint surface is uneven. As long as these two methods are used, users can basically judge the quality of this wooden door.

Environmental factors: whether the appearance is beautiful, whether the material is environmentally friendly, etc. This is all we need to consider. At the time of purchase, the user can open the outer package first to smell the irritating odor; if the person sheds tears and sneezes, the release of formaldehyde is high. There are many cheap man-made panels on the market today, and a lot of inferior glue is used, causing the formaldehyde content to exceed the standard, so be alert to low-cost traps.

What is the price of Shimufang wooden doors?

There are many series and styles of Shimufang wooden doors. The following only lists some of the models of wooden doors and their prices for reference by consumers who are buying wooden doors.

1, Shimufang wooden door SM-04, reference price: 3180.00 yuan / set

2, Shimufang wooden door SM-02, reference price: 2180.00 yuan / set

3, Shimufang wooden door S-01, reference price: 3480.00 yuan / set

4, Shimufang wooden door D-20, reference price: 3380.00 yuan / set

5, Shimufang wooden door DF-05, reference price: 3480.00 yuan / set

6, Shimufang wooden door SM-973, reference door price: 4500.00 yuan / set

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Editing summary: The above is about how Shimufang wooden door is introduced. It is recommended that you go to a regular store to purchase. In addition, when we choose Shimufang wooden doors, we should not pay too much attention to prices, but should pay more attention to quality issues, so that we can buy quality guaranteed products.

Shimufang wooden door how

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