Bedroom decoration renderings Daquan bedroom decoration precautions

Generally, our bedroom is a relatively private space. It is the place we use to rest, so there are many places to consider in the decoration design, so we must think of it before the decoration, then the bedroom decoration effect What are the pictures of Daquan ? What are the areas of bedroom decoration that need our attention? If you want to understand these, let's take a look at the Xiaobian of the decoration home network.


First, the bedroom decoration renderings Daquan

1. Simple design, creating a cute shape, and this space can be a child's world, full of cute and fun elements, the cabinet design without losing practical functionality. The combination of the wardrobe and the bed is complete, giving the impression that it is a powerful storage function with beautiful colors.

2. The bedroom wall is made of two colors, one is fresh grass green, the other is pure green light, which sets off each other to make the living room comfortable and comfortable. There is definitely a dream in such a bedroom. . Although the actual size of this bedroom is not large, due to the color of the texture, the visual space seems to have increased a lot. We can also learn this design style when choosing the color of the bedroom.

3. The decoration of the bedroom is really comfortable for people to look at. The color of the bedroom wall is not sky blue, nor deep sea blue, but a very fresh candy blue. This wall is matched with dark furniture for comfort. I don't know if you found out, there are many blues in this room, and the depth is different, which enhances the overall sense of the bedroom.


Second, the bedroom decoration notes

1. The bedroom is planned to be based on the bed: when planning the bedroom, the center of gravity is the bed. The decoration personality, planning, color and decoration of the bedroom space should be based on the bed. The bed is a large area in the bedroom, so you should organize the bed in the bedroom and think about other plans. After setting the orientation, personality and color of the bed, the rest of the bedroom can be planned. Many of today's bedrooms are limited in size, so keep in mind that you don't have too many furniture in your bedroom to avoid artificial pressure.

2. Recharge your batteries and have a warm bed. It is important to spend 1/3 of your life in bed. Sleep needs and comfort have been regarded as important things, so the layout of the bed directly affects people. For sleeping conditions, it is recommended that the bed be placed against the corner of the wall, the bedside leaning against the side of the wall; the furniture and the bed should be at least 70cm apart for walking, and the furnishings in the room should be as simple and practical as possible.

3. The additional functions of the room are gradually increasing: following the modern people's requests for living environment, the bedroom is not only for sleeping space, but also for storage, decoration and leisure. The addition of these additional features has made the bedroom planning fine. Most families now store their clothes in their bedrooms. With the improvement of living standards, there is always a question about the lack of local clothes in every home. In addition to placing several wardrobes in the bedroom, you can use a sliding door to make a compartment in the bedroom as a walk-in dressing room. .

The decoration of the bedroom is quite troublesome, because there are a lot of places to consider, so what are the precautions for the decoration of the bedroom and the decoration? Through the introduction of the above small series, everyone knows about it, then if you still want to To learn more about decoration, stay tuned to the decoration home.

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