What are the causes of window leakage? How to solve the problem of window leakage?

I believe that many people should have had this experience with Xiao Bian, that is, in the cold winter months, there is always a sense of leakage in windows. In fact, there are many reasons for this phenomenon. Here's a brief introduction to the causes and solutions for window leaks . We hope to help everyone.

1. What are the causes of window leakage?

a, poor material

Nowadays, the materials of windows on the market are very numerous, but windows made of different materials will all have poor, so we need to make more comparisons and choose according to our actual needs. However, if you choose to buy poor quality products, then it will not be long life expectancy. Therefore, once the deformation of the window is deteriorated, the leakage of air will occur.

b, the installation is not in place

Of course, even if you buy a window with good quality, if it is not installed properly, it may cause the window to leak. Therefore, the installation of windows is also very important. In addition to being safe, it is necessary to apply styrofoam to the gap between the window frame and the wall so that the sealing performance will be good and the possibility of air leakage will be greatly reduced.

c, accessories failure

Another important cause of air leakage may be the failure of the seal fitting. Mainly reflected in the weathering or cracking of the sealing strips of the windows, and possibly the softening of the styrofoam, which will make the window's sealing performance worse and cause air leakage.

2. How to do a window leak

a. If it is an old-fashioned window that leaks, then it is only necessary to fill the gap between the window and the window to block the problem of air leakage at the bottom of the window; or you can use kraft paper and paste to seal the position of the air leakage. Keep the windows airtight.

b. If you have a plastic window, you can stick it around the window first with a sponge, and then cover the entire window with a plastic cover, so that it will no longer leak, and it can also maintain the indoor temperature.

c. In addition, if there is a gap between the window frame and the wall, it is necessary to clean the gap first, then use the styrofoam to fill, and then use the high-grade cement sand to fill the gap, and finally give the site Just decorate it. However, if there is a leakage between the sash and the window frame, you can consider the use of sealing strips, felt strips and other remedial methods.

Xiao Bian concludes: The above is a description of what causes the window air leakage and how to solve it. In fact, it seems that the leaky windows are always a common occurrence in real life. However, when confronted, you only need to find out where the causes are, and then come up with the corresponding solutions.

Window leak

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