Furniture Fair and Dongguan Custom Home Industry Association reached a strategic partnership!

With the upgrading of consumption, as well as the development of the custom home industry itself and the constant changes in its economic and policy environment, the overall market demand will change at any time. Future custom home companies need to be based on market changes, closely follow the development trend of the industry, and build on the trend. Brand.

Custom Home Industry Innovation Development Forum

On the afternoon of March 26, the "2018 China Custom Home Industry Innovation and Development Forum" was held in Dongguan. On the forum entitled “Charming Customs • Brand Dongguan” , the International Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition reached a strategic cooperation with the Dongguan Custom Home Furnishing Industry Association. The two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

The furniture exhibition will use its advantages in the industry's star-making platform to empower custom home businesses in Dongguan, boosting the company's path to branding and creating greater value together. The Dongguan Custom Home Industry Association will integrate the Association's resources to provide full support for the second China (Dongguan) International Custom Home Fair.

The chairman of the Dongguan Custom Home Furnishing Industry Association, Ma Ruihui, proposed in his speech at the conference that during the 40 years of reform and opening up, Dongguan has transformed from a “factory in the world” to an “innovative highland.” In addition to corporate innovation, the home furnishing industry is also driving innovation. Dongguan brand charm.

Mo Ruihui said that

In the past, our custom cabinets, wardrobes, and other products were displayed in building materials stores. After participating in the first China (Dongguan) International Custom Furnishing Fair last year, corporate brands were further disseminated, and many businesses that manufacture finished furniture cooperated with us. , which allowed us to open up new areas.

The furniture exhibition has a history of 20 years and has always been the cradle of star-studded furniture companies. Through this in-depth strategic cooperation, custom home companies can display their brands at the famous furniture exhibition and go to the national market to promote the development and expansion of custom industries in Dongguan. Custom home business investment.

Fang Runzhong, general manager of the International Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition, pointed out in his speech that the famous furniture exhibition has developed into an international exhibition. Now that the customization industry is very hot, a large number of custom enterprises have emerged, and the organizing committee is also thinking about how to cross-border The development and use of a large number of customer resources for furniture exhibitions for 20 years has promoted the development of customized industries.

The just-concluded March Furniture Fair, with more than 100,000 people, set a new record and brought together professional visitors from furniture, building materials, distribution channels, and design.

Fang Runzhong said that

The furniture exhibition is a professional star-building platform. We hope to help Dongguan custom companies find their own stage and share channel resources through today's strategic cooperation.

In August last year, the first custom home exhibition was held to accommodate a number of representative custom home companies, such as Europa, Sofia, Broadway and the leader of the Custom Home Furnishing Industry Association of Dongguan. The first and finished furniture companies made their debut at the Famous Furniture Fair. Significant results.

The 2nd China (Dongguan) International Custom Home Fair, which will be held on August 11 this year, has prepared many new gameplay and new modes, and will also attract more quality buyers through various channels. Welcome here! Businesses can actively participate.

As we all know, Dongguan has a number of very good custom home companies, hoping to build a custom big brand in Dongguan through the integration of the two platforms.

The First China (Dongguan) International Custom Home Exhibition

Subsequently, Lin Yuanling, deputy general manager of the International Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition, and Chen Guoqiao, secretary-general of Dongguan Custom Home Furnishing Industry Association, took up the strategic cooperation signing ceremony.

It is reported that the second China (Dongguan) International Custom Home Exhibition will be held on August 11th to August 14th, 2018. It is divided into whole house customization, whole house intelligence, and whole house drapery. Among them, the whole house customization includes brand customization. , high-end customization, project customization, a total area of ​​55,000 square meters.

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