They use the “garbage room” that is used to make used furniture, but they see countless Hong Kong people cry...

"Is this house still a home?!"

When I first saw Xiaolin’s family,

Sima couldn't help but take a breath.

Less than 8m2 in a small space,

Kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom together,

The narrow space is full of debris.

Lighting, ventilation and lighting are not the same as living standards.

The air is also filled with smells of toilets and food.

It's not too much to be called a "garbage room!"

It is such a “non-human settlement” house that Xiao Lin and her mother, who are currently studying Primary Three, have lived for many years because this is their only affordable place of residence.

In such a tattered place, it is too late for others to hide.

Wayne and Brian are seeing at first glance

Just make decisions to help them make changes.

The funding is tight (only 2,000 yuan),

The time is tight (only in the spare time after work),

All labor comes from volunteers,

Everyone says they are thankless.

Wayne is doing woodworking

But they climbed up to the seventh floor in summer with tools.

In the airless "garbage room,"

Silently drove Xiao Qiang and cleaned up the debris.

Brushed the wall and made furniture by hand.

Only less than 2,000 were used,

No explosive changes, no gorgeous turns,

Such a reform room less than 8m2,

However, many people were moved at the moment of completion.

The real transformation is not how much money is spent, or the visual experience of many experiences, but after the transformation, is it really changed for the people living in it?

Mai Qiao Wayne (left) and Huo Congtong Brian (right), architect, founder Comma founder

Great summer,

The two were squatting in the harem in various districts of Hong Kong.

It’s hot outside.

The face is almost baked,

But in the moment of entering the mortuary,

The two portraits entered the ice cellar -

How can anyone still live in such a house!

Dirty break does not say,

There is no dignity of dwelling at all.

In the Cantonese (tāng) room, "劏" means "kill, cut". It is popular to say that “group renting houses” were originally ordinary apartments, separated into rooms, illegally rented to different families, and generally lived in poor families. About 800,000 people in Hong Kong live in mortuaries.

The boudoir is not suitable for human settlements.

The two people also cut the house because of the unscrupulous real estate developers.

As a result, more and more people can only live in mortuaries.

Initiated complaints against real estate developers.

Even think that the government should not let real estate developers do these things.

Teams that don't seem to be reliable, have brought new hopes to many families in the next reforms.

Source Uncle: Expecting Your Daughter

You are an 11-year-old girl.

Like the children in Axia’s family,

Her area of ​​activity is also mainly in bed.

And because the space in the home is too small,

Every day you need to finish homework at school.

The main area of ​​activity in bed is on the bed

Yuan Shu is the father of Yan,

At the age of 66, he worked as a part-time master of decoration.

Job opportunities are optional,

Therefore, the source of income of a family mainly depends on

The mothers working in the catering industry are maintained (approximately HK$6,000 per month).

However, this room is less than ten flats.

The rent was as high as HK$4,000.

Occupy most of the funds of life,

What makes people live?

The size of the house does not exceed 10m2, a rectangular space, barely partitioned kitchens and toilets; rooms in one, newspapers, medicine, radios and sundries fill a table.

The fridge and TV counter are like two left and right door gods, placed in the middle of the entire house, leaving only one passage in the narrow hall.

Telescopic pull-out TV

The mortuary is obviously more spacious than before the renovation, and her daughter is very excited.

The space becomes bigger even if you open the refrigerator door,

Nor will it hit the back of the sundries.

And it provides more room for her daughter to read and meet.

There is a telescopic table where adults read newspapers and daughters read books

Gui Fang: Persevering in Self Home

In addition to the weak will to the source,

Need to communicate,

There are also people like Guifang who have their own ideas for the transformation.

Gui Fang is also a single mother.

And are reading in the third daughter

In a 7m2 mortuary more than two years.

Dark, narrow mortuary

The family is small and numerous.

Open the table and do things

Others can't walk,

So her daughter usually puts a small folding table.

Sit on the bed to do homework and Wen book.

Jun Xiaojun wants to say:

So dim, really worried that the child will be myopia...

Against the ceiling, it is estimated that even the back is not straight, and there is no extra light source on the bed. The only source of light is from the ceiling light in the middle, and in the long run, it will certainly affect vision.

Because of the limited space,

She also picked up some scrap paper, iron frames, and bamboo baskets.

Take a "small penthouse" where you put a layer of debris.

So even during the day,

The light in the room is also dimly lit.

In the hot summer, the family is more “intimidating”.

The family can only go out for a walk and breathe fresh air.

Can not stand the heat, go out of breathable Gui Fang

Each homeowner has his own opinion.

Sometimes it is not possible to completely accept the designer's renovation plan.

For Gui Fang,

She has always refused to dismantle the attic and change smaller beds.

The plan was never settled.

To communicate with the designers, Gui Fang had his own ideas about the arrangement of the house.

For Wayne and Brian,

It must not be forgotten to respect the wishes of occupants.

They returned to Guifang’s perspective to modify the plan over and over again.

Until Kwai Fong agreed.

Do not change bed

Place racks on one side of the room to store items

Leave the living room and put on the contraction table.

Do not block the sun

Make the entire space more transparent.

Several members helped Gui Fang purchase the necessary furniture.

Then clean up the accumulated debris together.

Xiao Qiang away from the kitchen,

The room was bright.

Seeing a clean space, Gui Fang felt a reduction in oppression. The entire person was relaxed: “There is a spacious space. It seems like a person’s heart is relaxed, persistent, and put down without stuffing too much.”

Effect map after transformation

This is what Wayne and Brian want to see. Even if they live in a mortuary, they can have a good life and live with dignity.

Even the lowest people can have a good life.

Forwarded, let more people see the goodwill of the world!

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