Bathroom knowledge: the faucet is rusted, potato skins to help

The shiny faucet will rust after a period of use, it is very affecting the appearance, know how to get rid of it? Very simple, potato skin can do it! Potato skin to the "rust spot" step.

Step1: Take fresh potatoes and shave a layer of skin with a little meat.

Step2: Wipe the water stain on the faucet with potato skin. The cleaning process requires constant replacement of the new potato skin until the faucet water stain is wiped clean.

Step3: Wash the wiped area with water and dry the surface of the faucet with a rag.

Step4: Use car wax or wax paper for packaging, wipe the surface of the faucet hard, and apply a layer of wax to the surface of the faucet as a protective layer.

Principle: 1. The potato has an acidic substance, and the scale water stain is alkaline. The two can neutralize each other, and the alkaline scale water stain can be easily removed.

2, the chemical structure of the wax is composed of hydrophobic substances, the water droplets are dripping on the surface of the wax, so the water can quickly slide away from the surface of the wax, and the water stain will not stay on the surface of the faucet.

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