Shenzhen University made important progress in the preparation of new technologies and applications of black phosphorus

Recently, Prof. Fan Zhang from the Academician of the Collaborative Innovation Center of Photovoltaic System, Shenzhen University, Professor Zhang Liming from Case Western Reserve University and Prof. Wang Shuangyin from Hunan University have successfully developed a novel and simple thermal evaporation method. , TVT), for the preparation of titanium or carbon nanotubes supported black phosphor materials, and for the first time discovered the prepared material in the oxygen evolution reaction (Oxygen evolution reaction, OER) in the electrocatalytic activity. Related research results "Facile Synthesis of Black Phosphorus: an Efficient Electrocatalyst for the Oxygen Evolving Reaction" was published in the internationally renowned academic journal Angewandte Chemie International Edition (IF=11.709) (DOI: 10.1002/anie.201607393).

Zhang Hao

The two-dimensional material, black phosphorus, has rapidly become a focus of attention since it was first synthesized in 2014. Its special semiconductor properties and degradability indicate that it has important application prospects in fields such as field effect transistors, new energy batteries, and biomedicine. In the past few years, Prof. Zhang Wei’s team has made a series of breakthroughs in the preparation of black phosphorus quantum dots, phosphenes, etc., and the near-infrared photothermal conversion characteristics of black phosphorus quantum dots and the oxidative degradation process of black phosphorus in physiological environments. The research and development of the controllable degradation of photothermal conversion materials such as black phosphorus can be conducted in depth. At present, the unique properties and applications of black phosphorus are being explored in a broader perspective.

However, currently, the preparation method of two-dimensional black phosphorus is mainly limited to the micro-mechanical stripping method and the ultrasonic-assisted liquid-phase stripping method. The black phosphorus size obtained by these two methods is generally at most a few micrometers, and the yield is relatively low, and it is difficult to scale. , Limiting the large-scale promotion and application of black phosphorus. In this work, the researchers developed a method of heating and phase-shifting the treated red phosphorus, and using titanium foil or carbon nanotubes as substrates, to further deposit steam on the substrate to obtain black phosphorus/titanium or The black phosphorus/carbon nanotube composite material is simple and feasible, can be scaled, and the obtained black phosphorus crystal has high quality, and can obtain a large area of ​​black phosphorus particles or a thin film, which is expected to be applied on a large scale. Related patents for inventions are being worked on. Apply actively.

Black phosphorus films prepared by thermal evaporation (left) and OER polarization curves of commercial IrO2, RuO2, and black phosphorus/carbon nanotubes synthesized in this work (right).

On the other hand, this work performed electrochemical characterization of the obtained black phosphorus/titanium and black phosphorus/carbon nanotube composites, and for the first time discovered the highly efficient OER activity of these composites. It was found that at a initial voltage of 1.48V (vs. RHE), black phosphorus/titanium can reach a current density of 10 mAcm-2 when pressurized to 1.6 V, which is equivalent to the catalytic activity of the commercial RuO2 electrocatalyst; The three-dimensional network structure of the tube substrate, black phosphorus/carbon nanotubes shows a Tafel slope of 72.88 mVdec-1. These results indicate a new application prospect of black phosphorus in the field of electrocatalysis.

This study was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

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