People-oriented, sheet companies to build the cornerstone of wisdom!


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With the rapid development of the industrial age, science and technology have also penetrated into the application of all walks of life. Machines play an increasingly important role in the field of industrial production. As a traditional industry, the plate companies also actively upgrade the production equipment and adopt the “machine substitution”. The way to strive to achieve the good name of China's wisdom. However, accomplishing Zhizhi is not an easy task, nor can it be achieved by simple mechanized production. People-oriented is the cornerstone for sheet companies to become intelligent!

Machines cannot replace people

No matter whether the machine is created before or after, the role of human beings is irreplaceable. Even more powerful machines need the command of the people. The generation of machines will reduce the expenditure of many unnecessary cheap labors. Instead, they will become more prominent. The value of the workforce. Therefore, the plate companies must grasp the balance between reducing people and entering people. First, the application of machine production will make part of the low-level labor without the value of work, but the plate companies can not directly dismiss, but to explore the potential of these people as much as possible. From these skilled workers, we will develop advanced mechanics suitable for machine production to stimulate everyone's greatest potential; Second, the value of senior technicians will be more prominent after the application of machine production. Plate companies should actively introduce knowledge, technology, and operations. The modern advanced mechanics of automated machines can help companies to gradually become intelligent!

Human intelligence can become wisdom

Since the reform and opening up to the outside world, China has become a manufacturing power. In other words, it is a big country. It only uses inflexible machines that are not creative. It is intrinsic strength. The key to making innovations from manufacturing to intelligence lies in the wisdom of people. ! For the sheet companies, to be creative, we must first give full play to each employee's subjective initiative, not only using machines, but also using patterns, using new features, and using new products! Secondly, we must also use our innovative spirit to create the right machines based on production needs, from being dominated to dominators! Only by using human intelligence can we achieve wisdom!

China Plates Trading Network believes that sheet metal companies are currently at an important stage of transformation and upgrading. As long as people are the first priority, talents are emphasized, talents are trained, and the talents are used, the move from manufacturing to wisdom will not be a dream!

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