How do they choose to work on the construction team?

In general, we are responsible for the renovation of the decoration company, decoration company assigned to us to decorate the construction team, and then after some communication started. Do not look at the decoration company in charge, but the quality of housing decoration, with the construction team has a very large relationship, and even plays a decisive role, after all, is the construction team to work. Then the question arises. How do you choose a reliable construction team?

First, go to the scene and have a look

Looking directly at the renovation site of the construction team, we can intuitively understand the construction quality and other situations. The main inspections included site hygiene, safety protection, and the quality of workers. The hygienic conditions at the construction site reflect the basic qualities of the construction personnel, and a certain degree of cleanliness should be maintained. Cigarettes and other garbage cannot be discarded at will, and decoration materials should be neatly stacked. The other is safety protection. There are at least two fire extinguishers on the construction site to avoid accidents.

Second, how to show both hands

The most important part of the inspection of the construction team is to see how the construction process works. If the owner’s lack of professional knowledge of fitting, you can bring someone who is “knowledgeable”. See the real chapter for details. The inspection of the construction process must be comprehensive and not miss any details that may go wrong.

Third, whether to give honest price

Different construction processes have different pricing settings. Therefore, as the owner, it is necessary to understand how the different construction processes are conducted and the budget for doing so is more accurate. When the construction team gives you a quotation, check that the process and price are enough to match. A team with a "real-value" team is still worth entrusting. Finally, don't forget to write the craftsmanship into the decoration contract and give yourself a guarantee.

Fourth, professional tools must be complete

For a professional construction team, the tool is the guy who eats and must be complete. Different types of work have different tools, electricians and electricians, bricklayers have bricklayers, and only live together can make construction quality more secure. Whether it is pressure regulators, pipe clamps, board or pipe cutters, vermiculite cutters, etc., check carefully.

Fifth, the use of materials is also a heart

It is not only material but conscience. The general owners are mostly half-inclusive, so the materials here mainly refer to the materials purchased by the construction team for the purchase by the owners. For this part of the material should also be carefully checked, generally proceed from environmental protection, quality and other aspects, to see if the choice of sheet is not formaldehyde-free, wall paint is not a branded product. Is a construction team really considerate to be "bad guys"?

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