How to decorate a ktv? Summary of sales ktv decoration points

Nowadays, in the big and small cities, the existence of ktv can be seen almost everywhere, and the volume of ktv is much more popular than ordinary ktv. This is because both service and decoration are more than one grade, then how How about decorating a ktv? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you the volume of ktv decoration points for your reference.

How to decorate a ktv?


Volume ktv decoration points 1, theme selection: ktv compared to those ordinary ktv, the highlights are more. Therefore, the grasp of the theme of ktv is an important part of the design of the volume-selling decoration. This is also the user's pain point that the ktv is urgently needed to solve. Because the volume-type ktv has many spaces in the decoration, such as the lobby, supermarket, and box, it needs to be designed. It is said that the design of the ktv decoration design should also pay attention to the changes of the ktv space, and adjust the appropriate theme according to the different scenarios to show the charm of the ktv in a more visual way.

Volume ktv decoration points 2, humanized service: ordinary ktv there is no supermarket for us to shop, so the variety of food and beverages provided by supermarkets in the ktv supermarket will expand its diversity, enrich the supply of supermarkets, increase the consumption of the latter There is room for choice. In the same way, for the dishes of the theme-based ktv internal buffet restaurant, there are a variety of dishes, such as sweet and sour, and you can enjoy not only relaxing and entertainment, but also delicious food.

Volume ktv decoration points 3, sound insulation treatment: ktv sound insulation requires the operator to pay special attention to, first of all, to control the sound source of the noise, the speaker should not hang directly on the wall or placed on the ground, you can use elastic hook or Damping pad to make the speaker and building process elastically connected. The sound insulation of the ceiling must be done well. The keel is made on the ceiling, the sound absorption cotton is filled in the keel cavity, and the sound insulation material and plasterboard are underneath. Sound insulation materials must be selected for sound insulation. The wall can be constructed in the same way as the ceiling. If necessary, the floor and wall should be soundproofed.


Volume ktv decoration points 4, corner treatment: the biggest feature of the ktv is the treatment of the corner, he uses the asymmetry, the symmetry of the sound will cause the sound focus phenomenon, so the treatment can destroy this sound defect, can improve the sound in the room The loudness. The background wall is designed with a semi-soft bag. It can effectively eliminate the reflection phenomenon of the sound, can improve the sound pressure level of the sound reinforcement and can effectively control the generation of howling. The decoration uses the contrast effect of the contrast of the hue, giving the impression. It is the color difference coordination elegant and good.

Volume ktv decoration points 5, color matching: When the operator does not know how to determine the color style, the decoration designer's general insurance approach is to choose a medium color to meet the operator's requirements, for example, you can choose a slightly brighter white Come as the main color, then use the other colors of lavender to decorate the box, both elegant and generous.

The above is how Xiaobian brought you a decoration of a ktv? The content of the ktv decoration summary of the volume-selling type, I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of the volume-type ktv decoration after reading this article, if you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel.

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