Fuyuan Furniture teaches you how to maintain the solid wood screen

Like the ancient charm of the little friends, especially the girls, do you already have a screen that makes your home full of ancient charm, and if so, do you know how to maintain the screen? The following Fuyuan furniture teaches you how to maintain the solid wood screen .


How to maintain a solid wood screen, one of the solid wood screens, wax at least once a year, with a special furniture paste wax for the furniture a layer of wax. Before waxing, the old wax is wiped off with a milder non-alkaline soapy water.

How to maintain the second screen of solid wood If you encounter the mildew of the solid wood screen, you can use a clean soft cloth to remove the neutral detergent or furniture-specific cleaner. Then gently apply a layer of furniture wax or furniture-specific essential oil to the moldy part, and put a piece of soap or a gauze bag filled with dried tea leaves in the musty area to help eliminate the musty smell.


How to maintain the solid wood screen of the three solid wood screen should be away from the humidifier, solid wood screen insulation to prevent cracking, but be careful not to let the humidifier directly on the solid wood screen, or too close to the warmer for a long time, this will make solid wood The local moisture of the screen causes problems such as mold and swelling. Also, do not place the solid wood screen in a place exposed to direct sunlight. This will cause partial fading of the paint film or premature aging deformation of the wood. Therefore, for solid wood screens, the relatively cool and ventilated place is the best choice.
How to maintain the solid screen of the fourth to maintain good humidity, the ideal humidity is about 40%, if you use cold air for a long time, you can put water next to it. The temperature difference should not be too large, avoiding the air conditioner often turning on and off, causing the temperature to change drastically.


Source: Fuyuan Furniture

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