Common balcony sliding door material and style

As people's requirements for quality become higher and higher, both large-sized and small-sized units will want to decorate a balcony, while the balcony's decoration is generally to install doors to cut off. In recent years, sliding doors installed on balconies have been popular, so that outdoor scenery can be enjoyed in the living room, and the lighting effect is not affected. Therefore, the adoption rate of balcony sliding doors is increasing. At present, the materials used for balcony sliding doors include aluminum-magnesium alloys, titanium-magnesium alloys, and wood.

Balcony sliding door

The sliding door installed on the balcony is mainly made of aluminum alloy and has a good decorative effect.

Balcony sliding door material

First, aluminum-magnesium alloy

The main component of aluminum, good thermal conductivity, silver white, beautiful. Disadvantages: hardness is not enough, the price is high.

Second, titanium magnesium alloy

Better than aluminum magnesium alloy, it has been widely promoted and has been favored by many consumers.

Third, wood

Mainly solid wood, use more common.


Balcony sliding door style

There is a difference between North and South. The most representative form in the north is the grid clause style, and the most representative one in the south is the flower glass style.

Balcony sliding door height

The size can be determined by itself. For example: 3 meters wide, 2.4 meters high, 4 doors, 0.775 meters each.


Balcony sliding door selection skills

1, lighting problems:

The glass door core is more suitable, with frosted or tempered glass, transparent and bright appearance, high safety factor.

2, material issues:

Aluminum-magnesium alloys are generally used, and check the formaldehyde content, thickness and other related issues in the plate.

3, the location of the problem:

Pay attention to the special position of the balcony, the key is waterproof, otherwise it is easy to cause the situation of rain leakage.

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Balcony sliding door

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