Spring Festival essential anti-theft tips

Spring Festival essential anti-theft tips

The Spring Festival is coming, people will go shopping on this grand day, but when shopping in malls and supermarkets, many citizens are used to putting wallets and cash in their jackets or pants pockets without precautions, giving thieves an opportunity. Some thieves use their hands or tweezers to steal wallets and cash while customers concentrate on shopping. Other customers find it troublesome to store their bags. They put their cash bags in the shopping cart of the supermarket. They are neglected when selecting items, and the thieves will take the opportunity to steal.

When trying on shoes and apparel, some customers put bags and items they carry with them when they try on clothes and shoes, beside the counter, fitting room, etc., and do not pay attention to them. At this time, some thieves will choose to commit crimes alone, some will work in partnership with one another, one person will use their bodies to block the sight of customers who try on clothes and shoes, while the other will steal the bags and items that customers arbitrarily put.

In addition, some customers like to pack their mobile phones or money in their pockets, and hold it with their hands to think it is safe. However, when they enter and exit the supermarket and lift the curtain with their hands, their hands are released, which also creates opportunities for thieves.

Citizens should not carry large amounts of cash and valuables when shopping; whether it is fitting or choosing goods, you must take care of your bags and personal belongings, and put them in your sight; it is best to go to shopping malls and supermarkets to remind each other Take care; do n’t carry your bag behind your back, but sling it on your chest; be alert and stay away from people who crowd into many places without buying, focusing on customers ’pockets, carrying bags and leaning against them, and hitting customers.

One, family anti-theft

1. Before going to bed and going out, check whether the indoor doors and windows are locked and inserted firmly.

2. When a stranger knocks on the door, you should decide whether to open the door after asking the other party's identity; to prevent bad guys from entering the room under the pretext of taking the opportunity to steal property.

3. Don't easily hand over the room key to others. Pupils should not hang the key around their necks, but should put it in a school bag so that it is not easily found.

4. When the whole family is out, do n’t leave a “answer sheet” at the door. You can tell your neighbors to take away the “maintenance card” that someone has inserted into the door.

5. For those who knock on the door in the family building during work to find someone, they should be more vigilant to prevent thieves from "stepping on points" and waiting to commit crimes.

6. In order to prevent climbing night theft, residents' balcony and awning design should take measures to prevent climbing or adjacent crossing. The balcony should be closed as much as possible or an anti-theft net should be added.

7. Households on the first floor or the second floor with an external platform are more prone to picking up property from the window. To prevent such cases, pay attention to closing the window, and place clothing, purses, and even mobile phones away from the window or where criminals are not easily accessible .

8. To store valuables properly. A large amount of cash should be deposited in a bank nearby. Don't store it at home. The password should be a multi-digit number that you can remember, but don't use the date of birth or ID number to easily guess or try it out. Small valuables such as cash or gold and silver jewelry should be placed in an unobtrusive room and in a place where money is generally not kept if temporarily needed to be stored at home. If you need to put cash frequently at home, you can install a safe in a hidden place and fix it directly into the wall.

Second, vehicle anti-theft

1. To prevent theft of bicycles, electric bicycles and motorcycles, the most important thing is to overcome the paralyzing thoughts. When leaving the car, be careful not to be troublesome. It is particularly important to lock the car anytime, anywhere.

2. The battery of the electric bicycle should be reinforced, and the body should be locked together to prevent the thief from stealing the battery.

3. Don't throw it around, it is best to lock it and the car on an immovable object.

4. Don't be careless about trivial things, such as the car fuel tank cap is not locked in time, it becomes a ready-made model for car thieves to prepare keys. Always develop good habits. Even if you get off the car for only a moment, you should turn off the engine, remove the key from the ignition switch, close the window, and lock the door.

5. When parking motor vehicles, don't be afraid of trouble. Even short-term parking should take away the cash, valuables and handbags in the car and the trunk to prevent theft from being smashed by the glass.

6. If the car is parked for a long time, the battery line or high-voltage line can be removed and taken away.

Third, go out anti-theft

1. When you take a bus, you should prepare the change in the car in advance, try not to fool the money in public places, so as not to cause the thief to follow the crime.

2. Carry money with you as much as possible in a place that is not easily seen and touched by others. Do not put money in your clothes pocket and pants pockets.

3. Don't smoke cigarettes, food and drinks from strangers.

4. When eating out, keep the carry-on bag, mobile phone and other items within the range of sight and keep it well to prevent being carried.

5. When driving and encountering red lights or traffic jams, if someone knocks on the window glass or indicates to you that the tire is flat, you should be vigilant. .

4. Tips on preventing theft when taking a bus

1. When you get on the bus, don't just squeeze and put the backpack behind you, the mobile phone is best to hold in your hand.

2. In the car, the bag should be placed on the chest or carried very low, as far as possible in the line of sight.

3. When the car is crowded, try not to open the jacket, and buckle the pocket of the wallet.

4. Women are not allowed to put wallets, cash, mobile phones, etc. in transparent or thin bags.

5. It is best not to open the bag on the car to expose money.

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