How will China's mold industry transform brilliantly?

How will China's mold industry transform brilliantly?

The Internet economy has become the main economic form of the society. It is large enough for machinery and equipment and small enough to be integrated into e-commerce platforms. The marketing positions of companies have shifted from offline to online, and people’s spending habits have also been changed. Socio-economic operations have been completely subverted. It can be said that with the Internet, our entire life is convenient.

As a traditional industry mold industry, it has also been greatly impacted in the Internet era. In the process of the transformation of mold enterprises to Internet companies, more and more companies have been moved onto the Internet platform, and the overall situation of China's mold industry is on the platform.

In general, in recent years, China's mold industry has developed at a faster rate and the level of mold manufacturing has also improved. Among them, there are many excellent companies in the field of large-scale, sophisticated, complex and long-life molds. China's mold industry has broad prospects. There is also great room for development. However, China's mold industry has not entered the era of blooming flowers, and the level of R&D and manufacturing of molds by various companies in the industry is uneven. Many companies have been engaged in the repeated production of low-end products for many years in order to achieve the sales target. It is difficult to introduce advanced mold manufacturing technology and advanced mold manufacturing equipment, making the medium and low-grade mold market in China more competitive. Therefore, strengthening the exchange and cooperation among enterprises and improving the flow of information among enterprises has become an urgent task for the integration of the mold industry.

Advantages and benefits
Easy installation and low maintenance cost of heat pipes and Vacuum Tubes,

High-quality stainless steel for the inner tank to continuously maintain a good water quality.

Stable operating without tube scaling or pipe explosion risk.

Fast system starting, high energy yield and low heat loss.

Strong capability of anti-freezing that is available for applications in low temperature area.

Pressurized system operating which is suitable for different installation methods.

The selective coating on the inner cover of the vacuum tubes converts solar energy and transfers heat to the heat pipes by aluminum fins. The liquid in the heat pipe changes into vapor which rises to the condenser. Then the heat passes through the heat exchanger, the water inside of water tank is being heated, and the vapor becomes liquid, returning to the bottom of the heat pipe. This transference of heat creates a continuous circulation as long as the heat pipe vacuum tube collector is heated by sun.


Heat is transferred by liquid to the water tank and heat the water efficiently. In addition, heat pipe vacuum tubes is highly freezing resistance, which ensures higher efficiency in cold areas.


Pressurized water tank ensures high comfort when customer uses hot water, the water flow and water pressure is much higher than compact non-pressurized solar water heater.

Pressurized Solar Water Heater

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