Planting and framing of kiwifruit

1. Colonization

Kiwi seedlings are generally planted before germination in early spring or after defoliation in autumn. The survival rate after planting in autumn is high, and the growth is fast in the next year. However, after planting, attention should be paid to the winter freezing of seedlings. The land should be leveled before planting, but it should be turned 60-80 cm in the first year of autumn.

When building a garden on a hilly hillside, it is necessary to improve the soil by digging the terraces and making full use of the topsoil to increase the soil. Before the planting, it is necessary to apply the base fertilizer, especially the multi-application of farmland soil fertilizer, 50-100 kg per hole, 0.5 kg of phosphorus, potassium and magnesium fertilizer, and the oil residue bean cake has a good effect on the growth and development of kiwi seedlings. 1.5 kg can be applied per hole.

The row spacing of the planted plants should be determined according to the growth potential of the variety, the soil fertility, the shelf type, the level of cultivation management and the degree of mechanization. If the kiwi seedlings grow well, the soil fertility is good, the degree of mechanization is high, and the orchard is used, the colonization should be rare, and vice versa. Generally, the row spacing is 4 meters, and the plant spacing is about 2.5 to 3 meters.

Before planting, carefully check the roots of each seedling and cut off the damaged roots. The seedlings planted in the same plot should be uniform and uniform to ensure that the plants grow neatly after planting. The colonization method is the same as that of other fruit trees. The depth of planting is suitable for the root neck to be flush with the ground after watering, and the grafting site cannot be buried in the soil.

2, rack

Kiwi seedlings are vines and must be erected before and after planting. The material used for the bracket is usually made of steel and cement sandstone, which is both strong and durable, and also useful for wood. Although the investment is small, it is easy to rot. The form of the bracket is commonly used as a "T" frame, a fence frame and a large scaffolding.

1. "T" frame

The "T" frame is provided with a cross frame at the top of the column. The beams are connected by four 10 wire wires, and a 10 wire is pulled at a distance of 1 meter from the ground. The height of the column is 2.4 to 2.6 meters, buried 60 cm in the soil, and the aboveground part is 1.8 to 2.O meters high. The beam at the top of the column is 2 meters long and extends 1 meter on each side. The angle between the beam and the column can be added to form a triangle to reinforce.

2, scaffolding

The crossbeams are erected on the pillars or the wire is added. It is shaped like a shade shed. It is called a scaffold. It is suitable for use in flat orchards and gardens. The height of the scaffolding column is the same as that of the "T" frame, and the column spacing is about 5 meters x 5 meters. Triangular iron or steel bars are placed on the top of each column around each block to pull a wire between the column and the column every 60 cm or so and can be tightened into a grid.

3. Fence

The frame is perpendicular to the ground and is fenced, so it is called a fence. Currently used in production is a single-walled fence, which is more suitable for mountain kiwi seedlings. A column is set every 6 meters, the column is 2.6 meters long and is buried 0.6 meters in the soil. Pull a wire every 0.5 meters from the ground and pull 4 wires of 10 wires.

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