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The choice of furniture is generally placed after the renovation, in fact, will be easier before the renovation began, of course, the first choice may not necessarily buy first. The decoration style can be determined according to your favorite furniture style. Solid wood furniture is made of natural wood, which is eco-friendly, natural, and high-grade. You can pay attention to the following aspects when choosing.

1. Wood species

Different wood species have huge differences in price. Cheaper pine and eucalyptus trees are cheaper. The cheaper cedar is mainly used for woodworking furniture. Hardness and stability are not very good. The middle-end wood is made up of manchurian ash and oak, and the high-end solid wood furniture is mainly precious wood such as rosewood, rosewood, and ebony.

2. True and false

Judgment whether solid wood furniture mainly depends on scab, wood grain and cross section. Scab, look good on the location of the scarred side, and then find on the other side whether there is a corresponding pattern; wood grain, looks like a pattern, then the position of this pattern changes, look at the corresponding pattern on the back of the wood, If the correspondence is good, it is pure solid wood; the color of the cross section and the cross section is deeper than the panel, and it can be seen that the whole piece of wood is made.

3. Origin

The stability of the solid wood furniture structure depends on the change of moisture content, which is affected by the humidity of the surrounding environment. You can pay attention to the origin of solid wood furniture when purchasing. As the saying goes, "Solid wood is not over the Yangtze River." This means that after the solid wood furniture produced in the south reaches the north, it will affect the moisture content due to the weather, and it will be prone to cracking and deformation.

4. Pure wood

It can be said that most of the solid wood furniture on the market today are not pure solid wood, and many of them are wood and wood combined, that is, part of the solid wood is artificial board production. Combination of wood and board furniture, generally called solid wood furniture, and some businesses will tell customers that some black heart merchants directly to the pure solid wood prices to earn profits. Pure wood can also be made of two different types of wood, such as a bed with a skeleton of wood, bed with a different kind of wood, the business is called pure wood, and everyone must ask when buying. Of course, the quality of the furniture combined with the wood is not necessarily poor, but we can't spend the money to buy non-pure wood furniture with the price of pure wood.

5. Workmanship

Whether the work of solid wood furniture is meticulous, whether the paint surface is smooth, whether the concrete structure is tight or not is also a factor that determines the price of solid wood furniture. In addition, if it is a combination of wood furniture, you can open the drawer or door, smell whether there is a pungent odor, the degree of environmental protection of the plate is up to standard.

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