How to prevent rot disease

Deeply turn the ground, break the bottom of the plow, improve the growth environment of the roots, and promote the roots to develop well. Add organic fertilizer to avoid partial application of nitrogen fertilizer and improve the ability of cockroaches to resist disease. In autumn, there is more rainwater. It is necessary to strengthen the drainage facilities in the garden. After the rain, the water in the field should be drained in time to reduce the humidity in the field and avoid root rot.

In the higher incidence of sputum rot disease, the skin can be completely removed before the expansion of the various diseased tissues and infestation points in the bark, and the general manager of the tree is disinfected and disinfected to protect the wound from healing.

Strengthen the inspection, find the diseased plants, and use the knife to scrape the infected tissue in time. When scraping, pay attention to the part of the healthy bark at the same time, scrape off the scrape, apply the tree guard general, and prevent the pathogen from invading from the wound. According to the situation of sputum infection, the canopy should be adjusted in an appropriate amount to balance nutrient absorption and consumption, and promote the restoration of the tree as soon as possible.

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