Common quality problems and treatment opinions of furniture paint painting 2 - running oil

Common quality problems and treatment opinions of furniture paint painting - running oil
1. Frequently Asked Questions â—† There are water or oil droplets on the surface of the coating in the paint and thinner.
â—†The agricultural surface of the coated material has oil, wax, soap, acid, alkali and other impurities.
â—†The air pressure is too high and the spray gun is too close to the workpiece.
â—†The viscosity of the coating is too high or too low.
â—†The agricultural surface of the coated material is rough and uneven, and the polishing is incomplete.
â—† The environment is heavily polluted.
2. Dispose of opinions â—† Dispose of the oil-water separator to prevent moisture from entering it, or to prevent oil and wax from falling on the coated surface.
â—† Clean the surface of the object to be coated.
â—† Adjust the air pressure and the distance between the gun and the workpiece.
â—† Configure the viscosity of the paint.
â—† Check the degree of grinding of the workpiece before painting.
â—† Cut off the source of pollution. Common quality problems and handling opinions of furniture paint painting

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