Problems to pay attention to when connecting aluminum wires

[China Aluminum Network] Electrolytic corrosion occurs when copper conductors are connected to aluminum conductors in power lines. When the copper wire and the key wire are connected. Due to different materials. There is a certain potential difference between each other. The potential difference between copper and aluminum is approximately 1.7V. If water vapor is present, electrolysis will occur, and the contact surface will be gradually eroded and oxidized, resulting in poor contact of the contact surface, increased contact resistance, and accidental heating of the wire. Therefore, the copper wire and aluminum When the conductors are connected, necessary anti-corrosion measures should be taken. Such as the use of copper and aluminum transition clips, copper and aluminum transition joints, etc., in order to avoid electrolytic corrosion. In addition. The copper wire can also be used as a tin-plating method, that is, a layer of tin is plated on the end of the copper wire, and then it is connected with the moving wire. Although the conductivity of copper is higher than that of tin. However, the tin oxide surface will form a very thin oxide film after oxidation. Attached to the copper surface. This prevents the inside of the wire from being continuously oxidized. Moreover, this tin oxide has a high electrical conductivity, and has a small electrical contact corrosion effect with the aluminum wire, and does not cause accidents due to poor contact.

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