Multi-supervising poor quality helmets

In recent years, accidents involving the quality of safety helmets have caused injuries to workers. In Wuhan, poor quality helmets have always had a market for the safety of the workers when they face a critical situation.

Xiao Xu worked in a construction site in Nanhu District, Hongshan District. In February of this year, he accidentally lost his helmet from the site. Xiao Xu himself went to a hardware store on Xiongchu Street and spent 8 yuan to buy two hard hats. However, Xiao Xu quickly discovered that there is no information such as the license number and manufacturer on this helmet, and there is no cushion in the hat, only plastic lining. There is no need for much effort, and you will sag into a small pit at a glance. Not long ago, when he was wearing a safety helmet and a coworker on the second floor, the safety helmet accidentally fell, and he broke a hole on the spot.
During the past few days, the visit found that some labor protection stores in three towns in Wuhan can see the appearance of cheap helmets. One of their common features is that they are produced in coastal areas such as Guangdong and Zhejiang, and lack of inspection certificates from the national quality supervision department. There are also no national permanent labels: standard numbers, production dates, etc. At the same time the price is cheap, a lot of price as long as 4 yuan, if the wholesale cheaper.
Some shop owners reported that the cheap helmets sold well and were purchased by construction parties on the construction site in batches. It is reported that the price of hard hats mainly depends on the material. There are three kinds of helmets that circulate on the market: the cheapest one is a plastic safety helmet, and the least protective effect; the better is the ABS resin material safety helmet, and the medium protection effect is the best; the best one is the glass steel safety helmet, and the price is the highest. "The 4 yuan helmet is made of scrap plastic and the cost is quite low."
For workers, choosing such a helmet is also very helpless. Master Wang Huanggang has nearly 10 years of working experience. He has used a variety of safety helmets. "The cheap helmet is a sunhat. If you don't wear the work site, you have to withdraw money. It's not worthwhile to buy your own expensive clothes. You can only be careful when you work."
The reporter learned that our country implements license management for the production of helmets. In GB2811-2007 helmet national standards, a qualified safety helmet must pass 50 °C high temperature, -10 °C low temperature and water environment impact resistance performance test. According to relevant regulations, the construction unit must assign workers qualified helmets. However, some construction companies have plans to save time and give this task to the contractor. They do not check the quality of helmets afterwards. They only require workers to wear caps, which creates a market for cheap and cheap helmets.
It is reported that there are currently many government functional departments to supervise the safety helmet, the quality supervision department supervises the production field, the industrial and commercial department supervises the circulation area, and the housing construction department supervises and uses, but the cheap inferior helmet can still be popular.
In this regard, local administrative management experts pointed out that some problems such as cheap inferior helmets are difficult to accomplish by single soldier operations. They require multi-sector comprehensive governance, exploration of long-term governance mechanisms, and elimination from the source. The construction unit must be supervised by the construction unit to distribute qualified safety helmets to enable workers to use safety helmets that meet the requirements of the national standards to protect workers' safety and promote safe production.

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