You have to know the normal operation of the boiler 5 elements

First, supervision and regulation of boiler pressure During boiler operation, steam pressure should basically remain stable. Boiler pressure changes are usually caused by load changes. When the boiler evaporation and load are not equal, the air pressure will change. If the load is less than the evaporation, the air pressure rises; when the load is greater than the evaporation, the air pressure drops. Therefore, adjusting the boiler air pressure is adjusting its evaporation amount, and the evaporation amount adjustment is achieved through the combustion adjustment and the feed water adjustment. According to the changes in load, the operating personnel will increase or decrease the amount of fuel, air flow, and water supply of the boiler to change the boiler evaporation amount so that the air pressure remains relatively stable.
For the intermittent water boiler, in order to maintain the pressure stability, we must pay attention to the uniform water. The interval between Sheung Shui and the Sheung Shui should not be too long. When the burning is weakened, it is not suitable for water, and the artificial burning furnace is not suitable for putting water when it is used for coal or slagging.
II. Supervision and Adjustment of Boiler Water Level During boiler operation, the operating personnel should continuously monitor the water level in the boiler through the water level gauge. The boiler water level should always be maintained at the normal water level and allow fluctuations of 50 to normal within the normal water level.
Because the change of water level is closely related to the change of load, evaporation and air pressure, the adjustment of water level is often not carried out in isolation, but is linked to the adjustment of air pressure and evaporation.
In order to keep the water level normal, when the boiler is running at low load, the water level should be slightly higher than the normal water level to prevent the water level from falling too low when the load increases; when the boiler is running at high load, the water level should be slightly lower than the normal water level to avoid a decrease in load. When the water level rises too high.
Third, the supervision of combustion regulation The task of combustion regulation is to make the fuel combustion heat supply to meet the requirements of the load, maintain the pressure stability; make the combustion intact and normal, minimize incomplete combustion loss, reduce metal corrosion and atmospheric pollution; for negative pressure combustion boilers, Maintain the balance of induced winds and blasts, and maintain a certain negative pressure in the hearth to ensure safe operation and reduce smoke loss.
Fourth, the adjustment of the temperature of the boiler load, fuel and feed water temperature changes will cause changes in the superheated air temperature. The heat transfer characteristics of the superheater itself are different. When the above factors are changed, the law of temperature change is not the same.
Fifth, sewage and soot blowing, in boiler operation, in order to maintain the internal cleaning of the heating surface, to avoid the pot of water to make steam soaked and steam quality deterioration, in addition to the necessary and effective treatment of water supply, must also adhere to the sewage.
Soot blowing, coal-fired boiler flue gas contains many fly ash particles, when the flue gas flow through the evaporation heating surface, superheater, economizer and air preheater, part of the soot will accumulate on the heated surface, not timely Purging cleans up often. Due to the poor thermal conductivity of soot, the accumulation of ash on the heated surface will seriously affect the boiler heat transfer, reduce the boiler efficiency, affect the boiler operating conditions, especially the steam temperature, also have an adverse effect on the safety of the boiler.
Only by insisting on the above five points can we ensure the safe and efficient operation of boilers and ensure the safety of life and property.

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