Marble veneer cracking reasons and treatment methods

Outdoor marble finishes have been subjected to frost, snow, ice, etc. for many years. As the use time increases, the number of freeze-thaw cycles experienced increases, which can easily cause cracks in marble finishes. Due to the poor stone quality of the marble, the color pattern is more, or the improperly affixed, the lower space on the wall surface is kept less, often affected by various external forces, and irregular cracks are generated in the dark seam or other hidden damage. The main reasons for the usual cracks are as follows:

(1) In addition to the defects such as marble color, blind seam or other hidden damage, and improper damage of the hole in the hole, after the external force of the structure is set and compressed, the external force exceeds the strength of the block due to stress concentration, which will result in The marble wall is cracked.

(2) When the marble is installed on the outer wall surface or close to the kitchen with a large tidal volume such as a kitchen or a toilet, the installation is rough, the grouting of the slab is not strict, and the erosive gas and air penetrate into the slat, so that the embedded iron pieces are subjected to Corrosion, causing expansion, giving the marble slab an outward thrust and crack.

(3) When the marble board is installed on the wall surface or the cylinder surface, the upper and lower gaps are kept less. When the structure is deformed under pressure, the marble facing surface is subjected to vertical pressure, and cracks are also generated.

According to the main causes of cracks, the following treatment methods should be taken:

(1) When installing marble facings on load-bearing structures such as walls and cylinders, it should be installed after the structure is concealed, and at the top and bottom, when installing marble plates, there should be some clearance to prevent structural compression. The marble facing is directly crushed by the load bearing.

(2) The joints for installing marble should be no more than 0.5~1mm, the caulking should be strict, the grout should be full, the block should not have cracks, missing corners and other defects to prevent intrusion of erosive gas and humid air; rust pre-buried Iron parts, causing cracks on the board surface.

After the cracks appear in the marble, it needs to be repaired quickly to prevent the stone from falling due to the stone cracks, affecting the pedestrians, or directly affecting the shape and quality of the building.

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