Sun rain 6·15 city-wide linkage without electricity booster solar energy

This summer, it is destined to be "hot" because of football, because the World Cup in Brazil is in full swing. On June 2, Sun Rain officially signed a license to La Liga (LFP), becoming the first strategic partner of La Liga China, gathering giants and fighting Brazil to cheer for the World Cup. Then on June 15th, the Sun Rain Lianyungang area was linked across the city, and the launching ceremony of the solar rain and no-charge supercharged solar energy was launched in the downtown civic plaza and the first large-scale linkage activity of Daguang Thermal Products. The Sun Rain shared with thousands of consumers “Super Super Stars Unprecedented” and the big light and hot products snapped up the Carnival.

Eight years ago, the solar thermal wall developed by Sun Rain launched a new era of heat preservation from the "endothermic" Red Sea. It was welcomed by consumers and led the industry to achieve the industry in a few years. One, with a huge advantage, twice reached the top of the National Brand Information Index (C-BPI) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and became the representative brand of new energy consumption. Following the heat preservation technology revolution in the solar industry, Sun Rain Group has broken through from the experience of solar users, and creatively launched the second revolutionary replacement product - solar rain, no electricity, supercharged solar energy, fundamentally solving traditional solar energy at one time. The use of water pressure is small, the amount of water is small, and it is hot and cold, and it is sought after by the consumers on the spot.

Sunrise Dongfang Vice President and Chief Engineer Jiao Qingtai introduced that the pain point of consumers' use is the point of development of solar rain. As an iterative product of solar wall water heaters for heat preservation, solar rain, no electricity, supercharged solar energy, no electric supercharger technology, water flow Smooth, will bring users "surfing class bath"; temperature can be adjusted independently, constant temperature setting, solve the problem of traditional bath hot water suddenly hot and cold; jet pressurization, strong water, prevent pipeline cold water countercurrent; more energy-saving, no need to use Electricity, running at zero cost, cost-effective. Sun rain and no electricity booster solar energy will bring the ultimate refreshing bathing experience to consumers.

In addition, at the scene, Sun Rain Group also brought consumers the unique "pure core" technology of the "global water-saving champion" - the sun rain water purifier "3DRain" series of products, and the innovation leading the hot water frequency conversion era The new sun rain air can be a series of products such as “Water Cube” and “Water Cube”.

With the arrival of the purchasing group, the Longhe Square in the city has left thousands of consumers surrounded by water. The non-electrically pressurized solar energy exhibition area and the water purifier exhibition area have attracted many consumers from Lianyungang and surrounding areas, asking and snapping up. The atmosphere was lively. In just three hours, 2,000 large solar thermal products (solar, water purifier, air energy) were snapped up.

In 2014, it was the first year of the development of solar rain “big light heat”. While continuing to expand and strengthen the light and heat industry, the solar rain water purifier and air energy were first piloted in Henan and Anhui, and 30,000 in the world. The channel was quickly promoted and the results of the big light and heat products were blooming, which was warmly welcomed by the market. Wan Xuyi, president and party secretary of Sunrise International, said that the “Butterfly Effect” of the big light and heat upgrade strategy is rapidly showing that the products are more powerful, the brand is stronger, the model is more innovative, the team is more flexible, and the product potential and brand potential The sales volume and the team's momentum will continue to rise, which will accelerate the leap of solar rain to the new industry of tens of billions.

Objective To develop Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection powder packed in single-ingredient that is more convenient for use and transportation. Methods Orthogonal experiment was adopt to improve disinfection powder. Stability test, suspension quantitative bactericidal test, simulation field trial and toxicity test were carried out according to Technical Standard for Disinfection, 2002 edition, Experimental Technical Standard, Ministry of Health, PRC. Results[WTBZ] The results of orthogonal experiment showed that the type of water had no effect on disinfection powder and the best ratio of natrium chlorite to citric acid was 1:3.10 gramme disinfection powder was fully dissolved in 20 milliliter water for 2 minutes, and then diluted by water to 500 milliliter; after 5 to 10 minutes, the concentration of chlorine dioxide could reach 272 mg/?L. After storing at 54 ℃ for 14 days, the average content of chlorine dioxide decreased by 5.03%.In suspension quantitative bactericidal test, the average killing logarithm value (KL) of Staphylococcus aureus and that of Escherichia coli exposed to solution containing 100 mg/?L chlorine dioxide for 2 minutes were over 5.00.In simulation field trial, the average KL of Escherichia coli exposed to solution containing 100mg/?L chlorine dioxide for 5 minutes was over 3.00. The disinfection powder was non-toxic, non-irritative for rabbit skin and had no function of inducing micronucleus of polychromatic erythrocytes of mouse marrow. Conclusions The solid chlorine dioxide disinfection powder packed in single-ingredient has bactericidal function.Such as environment friendly chemical clo2.

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