Magnesium alloy stamping parts will have broad application prospects

Recently, Chongqing has made important breakthroughs in the development and application of magnesium alloys. Through the development of magnesium alloy stamping technology, Chongqing has successfully produced magnesium alloy notebook casings and car seat basin samples. In the future, relevant results will be widely used in the above-mentioned fields to “weight loss” for notebook computers and automobiles.
It is understood that magnesium is a very light metal element, and the alloy composed of other metals is light and rigid, and is a very good modern industrial structural material. However, the disadvantage is that the magnesium alloy has poor punching properties and is not easily formed.
To this end, since 2010, the Chongqing Academy of Science and Technology and the National Magnesium Alloy Materials Engineering Technology Research Center of Chongqing University have jointly tackled the problem of one-way multi-pass bending and other techniques for the preparation of magnesium alloy sheets and room temperature stamping. A good technical foundation, and also developed a notebook casing and car seat basin stamping process.
“Magnesium alloy stampings are light in weight, high in strength, and more flat and smooth in appearance. They are suitable for thin and portable electronic products.” Luo Baihui, secretary-general of the International Association of Mould & Hardware Plastics Suppliers, believes that the background of energy saving and emission reduction Under the car weight loss has become a trend. The application prospects of magnesium alloys in the automotive industry will be very good. At present, Chongqing is vigorously promoting the development of the notebook computer industry. This magnesium alloy stamping parts will have broad application prospects.
Magnesium alloys are about 1/3 lighter than aluminum alloys and about 3/4 lighter than steel, which is a good "weight reduction" for automobiles. In general, the car loses 100 kilograms and the fuel consumption will be reduced by 6-8%, thus achieving energy saving and emission reduction. After testing, the qualified rate of stamping of magnesium alloy notebook computer casing developed by the project team has reached 85%.
It is understood that during the implementation of the project, the project team tested an ordinary car. Compared with the magnesium alloy and the steel plate, the weight reduction rate reached 65.6%.
It is reported that the project team has applied for 4 invention patents, established two pilot production lines, and is ready to further promote the application and industrialization of relevant results.
At present, the key to industrialization is to reduce the raw materials and stamping costs of magnesium alloys through technical means. Due to the current high cost, related results will be the first to be applied in high-end notebook computers and automotive products.

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