Hitachi Chemicals begins selling "wavelength conversion particles"

Hitachi Chemicals announced on June 26 that it will start selling "wavelength-converting particles" that can increase the conversion efficiency of solar cell encapsulated sheet photovoltaics.

The “wavelength conversion particles” developed by the company have the function of converting short-wavelength light (ultraviolet light) that could not be used for power generation before, into long-wavelength light (visible light) that can be used to generate electricity. Using a wavelength conversion particle encapsulating sheet (wavelength conversion film), the conversion efficiency of solar panels can be increased by up to about 2.2%.

Mass-produced wavelength-converting particles contain fluorescent material particles in durable acrylic resin particles. It is said that when used as a packaging sheet, the durability of the solar panel is not reduced, and there is no need to adjust the manufacturing process of the packaging sheet, which has no influence on the production efficiency of the packaging sheet.

Hitachi Kasei has been supplying wavelength conversion particles to the packaging sheet samples. The mass production system was recently set up and sales began. (Nikkei BP Cleantech Research Institute: Kato Shinichi)

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