Microsoft is working on importing 3D touch technology into Windows Phone

Earlier this month, Microsoft exposed the details of 3D gestures and touch functions to the Windows Phone system. We have already released some information about the Microsoft McLaren mobile phone, and now we have received news that 3D touch technology will also appear in these mobile phones.

The McLaren phone will be equipped with a 5.2-inch 1080P display, a 200,000-pixel camera and 64GB of storage. It is said that the device will be officially released in October this year. There are other rumors that the device will use the qHD2560*1440 display. Although we are looking forward to such a high-resolution display, the message we get is still the 1080P specification.

However, in addition to the McLaren phone, there will be a larger device under development. This large device will use a 6-inch display and support 3D touch technology, which will replace the Lumia 1520 on the market. The device is expected to be available before the end of this year.

Microsoft hopes to use 3D touch technology as a sign of high-end flagship models. According to the current situation, the differentiation between entry-level Lumia phones and high-end phones is still not obvious. Joining 3D touch technology now should be a fairly representative high-end mobile phone logo.

According to other hardware configurations of the mobile phone, it will be placed in the high-end mobile phone market without any mistakes. However, according to Microsoft's consistent style, the phone is specifically released in what kind of posture, but also need to wait until a few days before the release.

HCPE Resin (coating type) Description

HCPE resin (coating type) is a irregular resultant after depth chlorination with the low molecular weight polyethylene (PE) . Generally the quality score of chlorine is bigger than 65%, and it is the main film-forming substances as new generation antiseptic paint. It has the following characteristics.

(1) Compared with the CPVC, the solubility is good, and more resins can mix with it.

(2) Compared with the CSM, the advantage of HCPE is single-component packaging, it do not use lead oxide, tribasic lead curing agent containing heavy metals. There is no toxicity, and has a broader range of applications.

(3) Compared with the chlorinated rubber, HCPE as the base material of protective coatings retains the advantage of chlorinated rubbers, And overcome the faults of chlorinated rubber exist unsaturated double bond and light chemical reaction and chlorinated degradation sensitive.

(4) Compared with ordinary HCPE, the viscosity is low, take the Tu-4 coating cup, the quality score as the toluene solution 20%, under the room temperature determines, is not bigger than 50S; Ordinary HCPE viscosity generally above 50S.

(5) Made of high-solids coatings, reduces the coating cost greatly, and the coating has a fast-drying nature, and has a better compatibility with other resins. LHCPE film features: The coating made by HCPE has a high solid content. excellent resistance to acid, alkali , salt, etc. It have so excellent corrosion resistance properties; can be used under 15~50°C; film drying quickly.

Coating Type HCPE Resin

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