The 5th Anniversary Celebration of Minghancai Home Decoration Design Successfully Ended

Ming Han Cai Home Decoration Design Dinner

On September 19th , the 5th Anniversary Celebration and Appreciation of New and Old Customers in Suzhou Minghan Caijia Decoration Design was held at Suzhou Hailanyugang Hotel. Elites from the furniture industry attended the dinner. The dinner revolved around "colorful, all the way with you" For the theme.

Suzhou Minghancai Home Decoration Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and the head office is located in Xiangcheng Economic Development Zone, Suzhou City. As a comprehensive and experiential three-dimensional display platform, Minghancai Home Furnishings specializes in ceramic, resin, glass, lighting, floral and other home decorations, crafts, etc., and provides from design, production, sales to jewelry matching and display design. Full process service.

Minghancai Furniture Co., Ltd. has gathered a large number of modern designers who adore traditional traditions. With modern design techniques and perfect matching, it creates a personal space full of Zen. They insist on introducing the most professional work attitude, the best service, the best product combination and the most reasonable price, introducing fashionable home accessories to thousands of households, creating a cultural, individual and harmonious for everyone who loves their home. Home atmosphere.

Yang Renhui, general manager of Minghancai, delivered a speech

At the dinner, Yang Renhui, the general manager of Minghancai Furniture, delivered a speech. He first thanked the colleagues who participated in the dinner. After that, Mr. Yang briefly introduced the development process of Minghancai Furniture and the company's prospects. High hopes were set, and finally in the talent show of company colleagues, the dinner began.
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