What are the advantages and disadvantages of finely decorated houses?

Now there are many real estate projects that have some fine-tuned houses. Some people who are too lazy to decorate can choose a house that is well-furnished so that they can stay in the apartment and no longer have to worry about the decoration. While meticulously refurbishing a house, it has its own shortcomings. The following Xiaobian explains the advantages and disadvantages of fine-tuned houses .

Advantages of decorating the house

1. Compared to rough houses, fine-tuned houses need not be wasted on the energy, resources, and materials of decoration. The rough room will disturb the neighbors next door during the renovation, and there will be problems of house leakage. The decoration of the house will be more environmentally friendly, will not damage the public parts of the house, and will not create conflicts with the property company and its neighbors. Finishing the house, you can get the key and you can stay.

2. Everyone knows that renovation is a time consuming, tedious and sometimes unpleasant thing to do with the decoration company. The fine decoration of the house is the developer of professional decoration units, professional interior designers and supervision units to carry out the overall construction. The construction quality will also be more secure, while saving the owner's valuable time.

3. The decoration of the house will be more "economic" because the decoration is organized by the developer to organize the renovation once in place. Unified procurement saves many intermediate links such as warehousing and transportation, thereby reducing costs and greatly reducing costs. Therefore, the decoration of the developer is cheaper than the homeowner's decoration. This is equal to applying for a loan with a preferential interest rate for the decoration of the bank, and the first-period fee for the purchase of the owner is also reduced. This way, buyers, developers, and decoration companies can achieve a win-win situation.

4. The refined decoration of the house can be reserved for individual space, because the hardcover room is to complete the interior hexahedron decoration, hard-packed part, while the soft-packed part can be completed by the owner himself. In this way, personalities can be promoted through post-soft-loading, and the decoration effect after professional design can be enjoyed, and there can also be space for fully reflecting one's own personality.

Disadvantages of finely decorated house

1. In the renovated house, we can't see the quality of its material. Not all developers and decoration companies have such a code, but they also cut corners and use less expensive materials to decorate. Therefore, people who want to buy a finely-decorated house must look for more and more, and choose a reliable property. You can also buy something special to test the house wiring and paint to see the quality of the house.

2. Hardcover room If the waterway is blocked, we don't know where to begin repairs because we don't have architectural drawings. This will destroy the original decoration. There is a developer who chooses spotlights to make the overall visual effects of the house better. However, the power of the spotlights is relatively large, and it is not always appropriate to spend time at home. So look at the hardcover room to turn off the lights to see the effect of the house.

The article concludes: The advantages and disadvantages of fine-tuned houses are based on the owner’s own circumstances. If you care about the details you can buy a rough room and supervise the decoration yourself. If you do not have much time and energy you can consider buying a hardcover room. The above content hopes to help everyone.

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