What is the specific procedure for how waterproof bathroom is generally made

Everyone knows that the bathroom must be waterproof when it is renovated. If it is not waterproof, it will cause wall peeling and moldy, and it will also cause damp and rotten furniture. So how high is the bathroom waterproof ? What is the concrete step of waterproofing? Let's take a look together!

1, bathroom waterproof generally do more high - bathroom wall waterproof height

The height of the waterproof wall between Wei-Juan is generally 30 cm in height to prevent the accumulation of water from infiltrating the walls. Non-load-bearing wall waterproof height of at least 1.8 meters high, there is a shower room toilet wall waterproof height also to do 180cm; with a bathtub, then the height of the wall adjacent to the bathtub waterproof height should be about 30cm higher than the bathtub.

2, bathroom waterproof generally do more high - bathroom sink, toilet waterproof height

When the wall is in contact with the wash basin, the waterproof height should be 300mm above the wash basin.

When a toilet is installed in a bathroom, its waterproof height is 1800mm above the ground. The pipe (including the casing) that passes through the floor in the bathroom has a waterproof height of approximately 100 mm above the root of the pipe.

3, bathroom waterproof generally do more high - bathroom floor waterproof height

The waterproof of the bathroom floor is the most important part of the bathroom decoration. The height of the bathroom floor is waterproof. Usually, we choose to use the reinforced concrete slab pavement. The 1:3 cement mortar should be used to find the slope, and the thinnest part of the floor should be 20mm thick. 30 Mm thick hard cement mortar combined layer, pay attention to slope draining.

4, bathroom waterproof generally do more high - waterproof height of bathroom floor tiles

When the bathroom floor tiles are installed, cement mortar is used to level the floor and waterproof coating is applied. The waterproof layer that is in contact with the wall around the floor tile waterproof layer needs to be more than about 25-30 cm above the ground.

5, bathroom waterproof generally do more high - bathroom sewer waterproof height

The waterproof height of the bathroom sewers directly affects our daily life. It is recommended that the height of the toilet sewer floor drain seal be up to 50mm. Never let odors in the drainage pipe overflow into the room to prevent sewer blockage and other problems.

What are the specific steps for waterproofing :

1, the floor of the bathroom with cement mortar to the direction of the drain to find the slope, to maintain the surface smooth. The slope near the entrance to the bathroom should be small, and the slope near the floor drain could be larger to simulate the overflow of the sewer.

2. Wear a waterproof layer near the root of the pipeline and the floor drain. After the root construction seal and the cement wipe the smooth foot, when brushing the waterproof coating, 1-2 layers of glass fiber cloth are added to reinforce it.

3, the total thickness of polyurethane waterproof coating requirements more than 1.5 mm, tube root, corner layer brush first, until after the dry. Brush over a large area and brush the next layer after another 24 hours.

4, when brushing to do the first brushing the facade after the brushing plane, to keep the next brushing direction and the vertical again. When the film is coated for the last time during semi-curing, coarse sand is thrown, which facilitates later integration with cement mortar.

Concluding remarks: The above is the general content of how high the toilet waterproof is done for everyone, hoping to help everyone. If you need to know more relevant information in the later period, please pay attention to this site information.

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