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The status of the refrigerator in our family is very important. Our food preservation, summer heat, food refrigeration and other daily functions require the support of the refrigerator, so which brand of refrigerator in 2015 is good?
If you want to say which brand of refrigerator is good, Haier is the first domestic white goods and even the world. At present, the refrigerator market in China has reached 23.9%. Haier refrigerator contains 42 series of frequency conversion series, antibacterial series, health series, environmental protection series, intelligent series of home appliances, and more than 8,600 varieties of brand-name products. Haier products form an overall advantage, and each series has different innovation points, which are unique in technology, concept, demand and design.
In the frost-free innovation of mainstream refrigerators, Haier can be described as the "original" of the industry. Its three-door frost-free refrigerator completely eliminates the technical drawbacks of the all-cold-cooled refrigerator and the wind-cooled combination refrigerator. In the history of refrigerator development, it has taken the lead in realizing the brand of freezing, refrigerating and temperature-changing three-door frost-free, and it is also the first in the industry. The main brand is "no frost". Now, the industry has followed the trend to show its leading role in the industry.
If you want to say which brand of refrigerator is good, the second recommended Siemens refrigerator in Germany, the Germans have always been known for rigor, and home appliances are no exception. The brand of Siemens as a famous brand of German home appliances is still guaranteed. The German brand has always been known for its quality. It is currently ranked second among Chinese brands, and Siemens is the preferred foreign brand.
If you want to say which brand of refrigerator is good, the third recommendation is Meiling refrigerator, Meiling as the current well-known refrigerator brand in China, 30 years of hard work has won the good reputation of many old users. His refrigerator has a high domestic market share. After-sales, the whole machine is 1 year, the main components are 3 years, and the overall quality and price are still in the top of these refrigerator brands.
If you want to say which brand of refrigerator is good, the fourth recommended South Korea's Samsung refrigerator, Samsung is a big brand, each electronic industry has Samsung's shadow, Samsung refrigerator design is first-class, is the domestic refrigerator industry emulation model, its East China sales in The joint venture brand is second only to Siemens, but the price is slightly higher. Its middle door temperature zone has a 24 degree adjustment range and is the largest of all refrigerators. This price is the market share for competing three-door refrigerators. The after-sales aspect is also the whole machine for 1 year, the main components for 3 years.
If you want to say which brand of refrigerator is good, the fifth recommended Rongsheng refrigerator, Rongsheng's reputation is also good, Rongsheng is currently the only company specializing in refrigerator production in China, his products are highly energy-efficient, and the energy consumption is lower than other brands. Some, the price is not bad.
Which brand of refrigerator is the best ranking in 2015:

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