What are the advantages of aluminum alloy glass partition aluminum alloy glass partition

Aluminum alloy glass partitions are now being used more and more widely, the main role is to use aluminum alloy clip glass as a partition to divide office space, a reasonable use of space, to meet office use. The best use of the partition is to perfectly distinguish the office space. The office partitions are generally selected aluminum alloy glass partitions, perfect office space design elements. Here's a look at what is the advantages of aluminum alloy glass partitions and aluminum alloy glass partitions.

What is aluminum alloy glass partition

Aluminium alloy glass partitions, as the name implies, are glass partition walls made of aluminum alloy material, also called glass partitions. The main function is to use aluminum alloy clip glass as a partition to divide the office space according to the needs, and to make more reasonable use of space to meet the office use. The aluminum alloy glass partition wall is usually made of tempered glass, which has the advantages of wind pressure resistance, cold and heat resistance, impact resistance, etc. Therefore, it is safer, firmer and more durable, and the damage to the human body after the glass is shattered is much smaller than ordinary glass. There are two types of materials: single and double layers. Partitioning works should be good lighting, sound insulation and fire protection, and environmental protection.

Advantages of aluminum alloy glass partitions

1. It can be partially dismantled and reused several times. The compartment system material will not bring waste to the environment. It is a kind of green building materials and has a long service life. In the long run, installation of glass partition system material is more effective than installing other materials. Formal partitioning materials are cheaper and more cost-effective.

2. During use, the positions of doors, windows, physical modules, and glass partitions can be exchanged at any time, and can be reassembled and reused. After the materials are disassembled and assembled, their damage is minimal, and the expenses incurred by the frequent relocation of offices can be greatly reduced.

3, aluminum alloy glass partition internal structure can be easily cable laying. Without wall-embedding, the maintenance and replacement of cables is more convenient, and separation of strong and weak electricity is possible. The cable trough can act as a shield for signal lines.

4, aluminum alloy glass partition installation faster than ordinary partition.

5, aluminum alloy glass partition fireproof and fireproof, compartment system is composed of metal structure, glass, aluminum alloy and other materials also have fire resistance, the internal structure of the compartment system is steel structure when the fire resistance limit is 30MIN, 60MIN or longer time.

6, aluminum alloy glass partition pollution-free odor emissions, can be used immediately after installation.

7. The inside of the aluminum alloy glass partition door frame is pre-installed with a sealing strip, which improves the sound insulation effect and the sealing performance. More can be installed at the bottom of the seal, so that the sound insulation system is complete.

8, aluminum alloy glass partition high quality imported blinds can be installed inside the two glass, not easy to dirty, no cleaning.

9, aluminum alloy glass partition sound insulation effect is good, partition wall has a very good sound insulation effect.

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Aluminum alloy glass partition

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