Lightning grounding material selection

Lightning grounding material selection is particularly important.

The choice of grounding body includes: material, size, shape, etc. The selection principle should be: 1. Ensure safety, that is, it requires strong corrosion resistance. It should be able to withstand the current that is expected to flow and meet specific life requirements. 2. The source is adequate and the price is cheap, which will help reduce the construction cost of the ground network. 3, easy construction. Obviously, security should be given priority.

This is directly related to the location, environment, and use requirements of the buildings, such as locations in the wet areas, riversides, coastal areas, high-rise buildings or underground substations that cannot be regularly excavated, and buildings with high safety requirements. For ground networks such as nuclear power plants, hub transformer stations, and large dams, copper-plated grounding materials or tin-plated copper materials should be preferred. In other areas or buildings that are less demanding, steel, copper, or copper-clad steels are appropriately selected depending on the age of use. Steel should be hot galvanized steel, round or flat steel is more suitable for the construction of the ground net. The choice of size is related to the service life of lightning protection grounding design.

Shandong Fuller focuses on producing copper-plated grounding materials with high electrical conductivity, strong corrosion resistance, up to 40 years of life, and easy construction.

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