25 safety driving requirements

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First, strictly abide by the "PRC Road Traffic Safety Law."

Second, car drivers must go through professional training. After the relevant departments have passed the examination and issued a license, they can drive the vehicle independently. In addition to an internship driver's license, an intern driver should have an official driver to drive with him. Unlicensed driving is strictly prohibited.

3. Before driving, drivers are strictly prohibited from drinking alcohol, and smoking, food, and chat are not permitted during exercise. Do not sit in the cab in excess.

Four, carefully check the various parts of the vehicle before driving:

1. Is the steering device sensitive and reliable?

2 , tire pressure, nuts, with or without popping phenomenon;

3 , brakes and clutches should be sensitive and reliable, shift lever should be placed in the "neutral" position;

4. Is the speaker and meter sensitive and accurate?

5 , whether fuel and lubricants are sufficient;

6. Whether the door is tight and whether the lighting and battery electrohydraulics are in compliance with the regulations;

7 , whether the cooling water is sufficient;

8. Is the engine, transmission part and frame normal?

Make sure that there is no faulty vehicle. All vehicles are strictly prohibited from getting sick.

5. When the car starts, enters and exits the factory, the gate of the workshop, reverses the turn, turns, and crosses the intersection, it must be horned, decelerated, and turn right; crossroads should be “slow, two, and three passes”; To be the first to be courteous, "first let, first slow, first stop."

6. The speed of vehicles traveling within the factory area shall not exceed 10 km / h; the speed of entry and exit doors, workshops and warehouses shall not exceed 5 km / h.

VII. Traveling on construction sites and workshops should pay close attention to the surrounding environment and the movement of personnel, and should indicate the number, slow down slowly, and be ready to stop at any time.

VIII. Long-distance driving. Before leaving, you must have enough repair tools, materials and spare parts.

Nine, with the crank to start the engine, must be the thumb out, five fingers close together, can not hold the tiger's mouth, to prevent the shake to counterattack or slip injury.

10. Do not preheat the carburetor, tubing, and fuel tank with an open flame.

11. The engine should be turned off when performing oil lubrication, inspection and repair work under the vehicle. Do not touch the high-voltage cable connector or fan with your hand while the engine is turning.

Twelve, start the engine, you must first slow one or two minutes, do not suddenly increase the speed.

13. It is forbidden to step down the clutch, close the switch or place the gear lever in “neutral” when going downhill or at high speed so as to avoid sudden engine acceleration and serious damage to the components.

14. Do not step on clutch shifts or place your feet on the clutch pedal while the car is moving.

15. In driving, drivers must pay attention to road conditions and traffic signs on the one hand. On the one hand, it is also necessary to pay attention to the indication of the instrument, and at the same time to listen to the sound of all parts of the vehicle.

16. When the engine temperature is too high due to serious shortage of water in the water tank, it shall be extinguished immediately. After the engine cools down, add cold water.

17. When stopping on the way, it is necessary to check the connection and fastening of the various parts of the engine, such as driving, steering, and braking, and to remove stones and other objects embedded on the tire surface. Before starting, you should carefully inspect the surroundings around the vehicle to prevent anyone from entering the vehicle.

18. It is advisable to install a snow chain on a slippery, frozen road, and to drive at a lower speed. Do not make a quick turn or emergency stop.

19. Passing through dangerous areas or narrow bridges should be stopped first, and the inspections can be confirmed after passing. It is best to have people with driving experience 10 to 15 meters in front of the car, face the car with a gesture to direct the car to slow forward, and must be ready to stop at any time.

20. It is forbidden to use a chain or wire rope to drag a vehicle without brakes, brakes, steering failure, and unmanned operation. The speed of the trailer should not be too fast.

Twenty-one, parking must be hand braked. Avoid parking as much as possible on the slopes. When parking, you must plug the tires with triangular wood or stones to prevent slipping.

Twenty-two, the driver shall not authorize others to drive, learners drive, only on flat roads and places where pedestrians do not have much, and under the supervision of the driver. The pilots are responsible for any incidents that the learner manipulates.

Twenty-three, new cars and overhauled cars must go through the scheduled run. No speed limiter shall be dismantled during the run-in period. The speed shall not exceed 30 km in general and the road surface shall be flat and good. The loading capacity must not exceed 75% of the rated value and trailers must not be towed. After the break-in period, maintenance and replacement of lubricants should be carried out as required.

Twenty-four, after parking, make maintenance and cleaning. Do not use antifreeze in winter to let go of cooling water. After water is released, it should be started several times to drain the water. When the season is changed, it is necessary to make corresponding maintenance, replace the lubricating oil, and adjust the proportion of the regulator and the battery electrohydraulic.

Twenty-five Vehicles containing dangerous goods shall not be arbitrarily parked, and special guards shall be provided when they are parked halfway.

The information in this article comes from the Internet and was reorganized and edited by China Rescue Equipment Network.

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