About the security level of anti-theft safes

Anti-theft safes are defined in the standard as resisting abnormal entry into a cabinet equipped with mechanical and electronic locks (including combination locks, IC card locks, etc.) under specified conditions within a specified time. According to the safety level: A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, C, there are 6 categories, A1 has the lowest safety level, should be able to prevent the use of ordinary hand tools, portable power tools and grinding heads and these tools cooperate with each other, work in the net Open the cabinet door within 15 minutes or create a 38 cm2 through hole in the cabinet door or cabinet body. Class C has the highest safety level, and should be able to prevent ordinary hand tools, portable power tools, grinding heads and special portable power tools, cutting torches and explosives from opening the cabinet door or causing problems on the cabinet door or cabinet body within 60 minutes of the net working time. The through hole of 13 square centimeters has a mass not less than 450 kg.
The security level of the anti-theft safe can be seen from its product model, for example: FDG-A1 / D-53, where A1 represents its security level.
At present, most anti-theft safes on the market are of type A1. There are various shapes and styles of products. Consumers can choose according to their needs. No matter what type of anti-theft safe products are purchased, consumers should pay attention to the following aspects :
â‘  The color of the paint film (or plastic sprayed film) on the outer surface of the anti-theft safe cabinet should be uniform and consistent, and there should be no obvious defects such as cracks, gas gowns, spots, etc.
② Anti-theft safe with cabinet height ≤600 mm, upper, right and left gap between cabinet door and door frame ≤1.5 mm, lower gap ≤2 mm, excessive gaps will reduce anti-theft performance.
â‘¢ When the mass of Class A and Class B anti-theft safes is less than 340 kg, fixing holes, fittings and instructions for fixing should be installed. Care should be taken and fixed in accordance with the requirements of the instructions.
â‘£ Generally, the door thickness of anti-theft safes is 8-10 mm, and the thickness of the cabinet is more than 6 mm, so as to ensure the anti-theft performance, you should ask the store about the thickness of the steel plate when purchasing.

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