Knowledge of anti-riot cameras

The anti-riot camera can not be regarded as a new variety. It is just an ordinary camera in the special occasion engineering application. In order to play a more reasonable role, the upgraded version that appears on the camera material can also be called a high-security camera and an impact-resistant camera. , Anti-shock camera, anti-destructive camera.

With the gradual improvement of criminal methods, criminals will also pay special attention to destroying the monitoring equipment that records the scene images. Generally, violence will be used to destroy the security monitoring system. They may use stones, iron pipes, steel bars and even pistols. This is precisely what ordinary cameras are not capable of, so a new category of anti-riot cameras was introduced in the camera variety. Many security companies try to change the raw materials and process structure of the camera, and whether the anti-riot camera can withstand such violence is the primary consideration when purchasing anti-riot cameras.

At present, our country has not set a professional anti-riot level for cameras. Some industry insiders divide the existing anti-riot cameras into three different levels according to their impact resistance performance: general damage, high-intensity damage, and bulletproof. If you can really use the international standard for testing impact resistance and use a fire pick and axe to make multiple impacts, the riot grade of the riot camera will be more convincing in the market.

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