HD camera installation and commissioning

HD camera installation and commissioning

In the installation of general security monitoring systems, the installation and debugging methods of high-definition cameras and ordinary cameras are basically the same, but you must pay attention to the lens selection, because the quality of the lens is not good, or the selection is not good, which will greatly affect To the clarity of the picture, for example, the infrared night vision camera is best to use infrared lens, and 1/3 inch CCD is generally equipped with 1/3 inch lens, 1/2 inch CCD is generally equipped with 1/2 inch lens, installation During debugging, the focus adjustment of the lens must be adjusted, especially the back focal plane of the camera should be adjusted. In many cases, the focus of the lens is not clear, which will cause the image to be blurred, and the high definition cannot be achieved. In addition, the protective cover of the camera can not be ignored. The front glass of the gun-type protective cover cannot use general flat glass, but must use better optical glass. The general flat glass has a very strong debilitating effect on the resolution of the image. The spherical shell should pay more attention to that the curvature of the spherical surface must be smooth, and it is best not to point the lens at the upper edge of the spherical shell, where the refractive power of the light is large, and it may even seriously affect the clarity of the image. It is very important that no matter what kind of cover, the lower the light in the cover, the better, the shorter the distance between the lens and the cover, the better the light pollution in front of the lens, which is helpful to improve the image. Clarity.

From the perspective of actual product and system composition, megapixel HD applications have basically taken shape, such as front-end megapixel cameras, transmission, interface, encoding, image processing applications, output, display and other aspects of product technology and application systems The platform, based on the analysis of this topic, basically has the foundation for operation. Although everyone in the industry generally believes that high-definition surveillance is a necessary trend in the development of the industry and the market, from the perspective of real market applications, users in various industries have not yet been prepared for specific practical applications.

According to the current information, the products of Sony, Axis, Hikvision and other companies have been or are being used in millions of high-definition network monitoring system projects in some core cities. With the application of these cases With the increase, users will more and more perceive the different image effects and details display ability of the high-definition surveillance system. Driven by the demonstration effect of the sample case, it attracts more high-end industry users who have high-definition requirements for images to join this application camp, especially those industry users who have good local area network or fiber resources, they must start the application of network high-definition systems. It's easier

From the user's psychological point of view, they first care about the clarity of the image. But they are also worried that everyone used to mix digital and analog systems, everyone feels mature and stable, and the operation is handy, how about the stability of the megapixel high-definition? Is it convenient to use? When there is a failure Is it easy to handle, or is it necessary for engineering integrators to help? Therefore, sample engineering application cases are the best way to dispel such users ’concerns, and sample engineering is also beneficial for manufacturers and engineering integrators to discover and solve specific applications. Problems in the process, thereby promoting the further improvement of products and systems.

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