Ronghe New Chinese Furniture teaches you how to define new Chinese furniture

In recent years, the wave of new Chinese style is unstoppable. From trendy fashion catwalks to antique buildings, from classical decoration to home space layout, the shadow of the new Chinese style can be seen everywhere in life. With the continuous expansion of this wave, new Chinese-style furniture has gradually become the new favorite of people's home life. From high-end groups of middle-aged to young audiences, new Chinese-style furniture has also occupied an important place in the furniture market. So, why did this new Chinese furniture rise? Ronghe New Chinese Furniture teaches you how to define new Chinese furniture!

For the new Chinese furniture, Lin Zuoxin, the professor of the Beijing Forestry University and the chairman of the Asian Furniture Association, is more appropriate: design furniture that is suitable for the daily life of Chinese people today. In the view of Professor Lin, the key to the new Chinese furniture is not the Chinese elements in the appearance, but the satisfaction of the "Chinese" lifestyle or needs. And life, or lifestyle, is bound to be closely connected with its own culture.

Touching feelings: Chinese family culture

With the continuous spread of globalization, Western furniture has slowly penetrated into China's home furnishing field. While accepting the influence of Western culture, people are gradually thinking: How should Chinese furniture get out of its own way? As a result, this new Chinese-style furniture, which uses Chinese traditional culture as a carrier, combines classical and modern, and tradition and fashion, came into being.

From Chinese literature, history, culture, etc., we can all see that China is a nation that values ​​"love" and "home". Even today, when technology is running at a high speed, this Chinese sentiment is still imprinted in the hearts of every Chinese. Although the new Chinese furniture has a modern atmosphere, the traces of traditional Chinese classical culture can still be seen in the design. Symbolic elements in traditional culture, such as Chinese knots, blue and white porcelain, Ruyi, Swiss beasts, landscape paintings, "back" characters, and waves, often appear in new Chinese furniture, exuding romantic oriental beauty.

Although the market is full of styles influenced by Western furniture (such as Nordic, American, etc.), for many people, this kind of furniture with Chinese national culture is more in line with people's understanding and expectations of home.

Fashionable and classical, the style of painting conforms to the three aesthetic views of contemporary people

Judging from the current fashion trends, whether it is a middle-aged person or a young person, the preference for simplicity, low-key restraint when choosing furniture is generally consistent. The popularity of Scandinavian style and simple style is a good example of this.

Ronghe furniture seems that the combination of traditional and modern Chinese new-style furniture coincides with this aesthetic and contemporary lifestyle of contemporary people. Although the new Chinese furniture inherits the traditional culture with Chinese characteristics, it is not simply a pile of traditional elements. Different from traditional furniture, it inherits the essence of classical culture, discards the tedious and cumbersome form, and reinterprets furniture with Chinese cultural characteristics with simple furniture design and more in line with the modern lifestyle.

Huari Home Furnishing Nanmu Family Series creates an artistic space with Zen

Take Huari Home Furnishing's Nanmu Family Series as an example. As a new Chinese-style modern solid wood furniture, the Nanmu family combines the classic Chinese style with the fashion just right. In appearance, the lines are simple and smooth, the wood color is stable, the corners are rounded, and the shape is elegant. In terms of craftsmanship, the traditional Chinese tenon and mortise structure is combined with modern craftsmanship, and the traditional traditional elements such as dragon, phoenix and auspicious clouds in Chinese furniture culture are integrated into Nanmu furniture in the form of hand-carving, giving the Nanmu family a charming oriental charm.

In addition, stress and anxiety are the norm for modern people in a fiercely competitive society. The Zen mood created by the Nanmu family in space not only shows the elegant taste of the owner, but also fits people's pursuit of a relaxed and quiet life.

Civilian price: good furniture does not have to look at the ocean

As we all know, many traditional classical furniture are mostly made of precious hardwood. But a set of mahogany furniture with a price of more than 100,000 yuan or even millions of yuan is not affordable for ordinary families. Therefore, people can't help but sigh for such furniture. The new Chinese style is different, it is not limited to expensive materials, it has more diverse choices in the choice of materials.

Use Phoebe as furniture wood material

According to industry insiders, the new Chinese furniture does not require the use of precious hardwood. It mostly uses non-mahogany materials such as walnut, ash, maple, and nanmu, combined with some modern, environmentally friendly new materials such as metal, plate, glass, cloth, etc. reduce manufacturing cost. The reduction in production costs has made the price of new Chinese-style furniture ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan. Such a price is acceptable and tempting for many consumers who like classic furniture.

Individualism: DIY as you like

If the traditional Chinese furniture is classical Chinese, then the now popular new Chinese style is more like a beautiful modern poem. It not only has the charm of oriental culture, but also, the multi-functional and personalized design meets the needs of today's consumers for home space.

For example, furniture design conforms to ergonomics; for example, storage drawers are added on the sofa; for example, Huari Home Furnishing Nanmu family has a lotus design, lotus handle, and so on. In short, on the basis of embodying traditional culture , the new Chinese-style furniture does not forget to embody the practicality and convenience of furniture from the perspective of users.

In terms of matching style, the new Chinese style is also more flexible than many traditional furniture. In addition to the new Chinese-style home furnishing style, the new Chinese-style furniture can also be matched with many home furnishing styles including Chinese, modern and neo-classical. For young people who like personalization, through small changes in the decoration of the home space, new Chinese furniture can also become the finishing touch of the home space.

As the level of material and cultural qualities improves, people's disposable income increases, and consumers turn their attention to lifestyle choices. The new Chinese furniture, while inheriting Chinese culture, actually represents a natural, rustic, and pure lifestyle of the Chinese people. From the current point of view, although the appearance of new Chinese furniture is not too long, it has developed rapidly. Industry insiders predict that in the future, the new Chinese style is expected to become one of the mainstream consumer trends.

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