CBD home, the essence of Italian design flowing in the bone

CBD home, the essence of Italian design flowing in the bone

CBD home furnishing, the design word has a profound meaning: through design to influence people's lifestyles, and then create a better state of life. With CBD Home Furnishing taking "Be careful! Family will be ten years younger!" As a brand slogan, the young sense of design has become a clear banner of CBD Home Furnishing in the Chinese home furnishing market. CBD always believes that young and trendy design can bring consumers a pleasing sensory experience, and also allows them to appreciate the shocking beauty of design. For many people, home is not just a place to stay, but a window to show their unique aesthetic and pursuit. On people's pursuit of beauty, the most discussed word should be "design sense". If design is a feeling, a state of mind, then the sense of design is to create a private home with a soul by following the natural law of people first.


As early as 2000, the president of the CBD Group went to the world's design capital-Milan, Italy, to visit the Armani Design Center of the excellent design group. With the high degree of agreement between the two parties on the aesthetic thinking and the trend of life, the Armani Design Center has won the cooperation intention. In September of the same year, 9 beds were provided by the Armani Design Center, which was grandly launched at the Shenzhen Furniture Fair. The unique design concept sensationalized the same industry, thus laying a leading position in the bedding industry.

"Elegance is not outstanding, but remembered by people." This is not only Mr. Armani's point of view, but also the belief that CBD Home has always adhered to. Today, CBD Home finds its own development path from the essence of Italian design. The luxury of CBD Home is a meticulous and sensitive experience of life, and it is a casual elegance that can withstand the changes of time. And this kind of elegance, with the pace of selling more than 30 countries and regions, has affected a batch of consumers.


The soft bed design cherishes the relentless pursuit of natural and comfortable sleep every day of sleep. It is a bright sign of CBD home. Therefore, in many of its sub-brands, soft bed design is a very important part. The design concept is derived from the Italian CBD soft bed brand, and is the first choice for consumers who pursue simple and elegant styles. Emphasizing the elegance of artistic beauty, it always implements the concept of healthy sleep in every product. By emphasizing the tones of happiness and sexiness, freedom and ease, it always leads the trend of fashion bedding development.

The design concept also originated from Italy's ZIGELEX brand, which took a different approach, emphasizing noble and simple sense of use, using top pure solid wood, first layer calf leather, high-tech bionic fabric, creating the world's first Remove the leather bed. For ZIGELEX, this is definitely not just a simple pile of top materials, but a one-off noble experience.


In addition to the simple and elegant Italian design, CBD Home also has a rich French style fashion home model-SHEAI soft bed. This brand of supreme beauty, through the use of a large number of fashion fabrics, sensational color matching, and the introduction of special design elements such as tailoring, stitching, and details in fashion, make the home more noble, elegant, and full of taste.
Sofa design, bright pearl in the living room

In addition to the design of soft beds, the sofa design is also an indispensable part of the series under CBD Home Furnishing. Taking the example of the French-style brand-Luxe Love Sofa as an example, the understanding and application of Chanel's design style have reached the extreme. The use of a large number of fashion fabrics and flexible color matching, deduces an elegant and stylish home style. Unique style!


At the same time, CBD Home Furnishing, as a home furnishing group headquartered in Shenzhen, naturally has a classic solid wood furniture series in its product system. A brand created by the masters of Chinese Ming and Qing household design and the top Italian design team: CBD Golden Class. The design incorporates the most classic design elements at home and abroad. It has both the design soul of Ming-style furniture and the essence of Western design. The most classic design elements at home and abroad are brought into full play.
Since its inception in 2000, CBD Home has always adhered to its original intention and influenced consumers with a unique design concept that is simple, gorgeous, retro, or modern. And reached cooperation with a number of imported suppliers, set up a scientific sleep experimental research center, to provide high-quality sleep experience for millions of consumers.

Behind all these dazzling achievements is the inseparable CBD product quality control and design skills. As the CBD home furnishing brand grows further, in the process of realizing the integration of global high-quality resources, CBD home furnishing is creating a model of fashion home furnishing for consumers with design, leading "CBD design" to China and the world!

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