Carry out "two types of enterprises" dust hazard management to protect workers' occupational health

Hefei Daily News reporter recently learned from the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau that in order to carry out in-depth management of occupational disease hazards in key industries, control and eliminate occupational disease hazards, and protect the occupational health of workers, the city combined with the actual work, the development of automobile manufacturing in the city (including Automobile maintenance and repair) Enterprises and lead battery manufacturers (hereinafter collectively referred to as "two types of enterprises") special actions for dust hazards.

The action will be combined with the implementation of the "Basic Work Requirements and Assessment of Occupational Health of Employers", through special governance, so that the "two types of enterprises" occupational disease hazard prevention and control related indicators achieve the following goals: auto manufacturing enterprises occupational disease hazard project declaration rate of more than 90% The reporting rate of occupational disease hazard projects in lead battery manufacturers reached 100%; the periodic detection rate of occupational disease hazards in automobile manufacturing enterprises reached more than 85%, and the periodic detection rate of occupational disease hazards in lead battery manufacturers reached 100%; "two types of enterprises" were exposed to occupational diseases. The occupational health check rate of workers during their employment reached more than 90%; the training rate of the main leaders and occupational health management personnel of “two types of enterprises” reached over 95%. “Two types of enterprises” have reached the standards of qualified units for occupational health work.

It is understood that this action will last for two years and will be promoted in four phases. The operation will focus on the implementation of engineering protection measures, with key occupational disease monitoring, focusing on key links and key positions, vigorously promoting the application of new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials, and intensifying the transformation of existing equipment and facilities. Strength, priority to control occupational disease hazards from engineering protection. In accordance with the principle of classified supervision, small and micro enterprises with poor occupational disease prevention and control will provide support in technological process improvement, occupational health management and engineering protection through government procurement services and expert guidance. (Reporter Zhao Junsong)

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