Chinese experts develop energy collection "bangle" to achieve wearable electronic equipment free charge

According to the Xinhua News Agency, Chinese scientists recently reported that they have designed an energy harvester that can power a wearable electronic device such as a sports wristband, thus making it virtually impossible to recharge the wearable electronic device.

"With the rapid development of wearable electronic devices, more and more research is devoted to collecting the energy of human motion to extend battery operating time." Dr. Wu Zhizhuo, one of the principals of the research, said that the principle of the current collection of human sports energy is discussed. Including the electromagnetic induction principle, the piezoelectric effect and the triboelectric effect, the use of suspended permanent magnets to perform the translational motion to collect energy is a common method, but this collector is usually limited to a specific running direction. If an angle tilt occurs, the collector The power output will be limited.

In order to solve this problem, the research team designed a new bracelet-shaped energy harvester. Through two magnets that do circular motion and are mutually exclusive, the collector can convert the motion in any direction into the rotational motion of the moving magnet, so as to achieve the collection of the mechanical energy in any motion direction of the human body and maximize the collection of motion energy.

The bracelet-shaped energy harvester adopts a symmetrical design, and there is no special requirement for the initial position of the moving magnet.

The experimental results show that in any single movement, the energy collection “bangle” can store 0.15 millijoules in 0.13 seconds at most, and the effective average power can reach 1.17 milliwatts or more. The acquisition of converted electrical energy through the daily movement of the human body can extend the battery life of the wearable device and is sufficient to maintain the normal use of low-power electronic devices such as a sports bracelet without charging.

Relevant research results have recently been published in the international academic journal Applied Physics News.

Bright Steel Bar

Bright steel bar is carbon or alloy steel bar with shining bright surface which is improved by cold drawing, peeling, turning, grinding and polishing over hot rolled black surface bars. By cold drawing, the steel bar yield strength and tensile strength will be improved. By peeling and turning, the surface imperfections will be removed. By grinding, the diameter tolerance will be more precision. By polishing, the surface will be much more shining.

 peeled steel bar processing

Except the shining bright surface, comparing with the hot rolled black surface bars, the bright steel bars has better surface roughness, better roundness, straightness, more precision size tolerance etc.

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Bright Steel Bar

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