Small apartment simple decoration which skills to read and then loaded too late

There are many types of decoration styles, and more common ones are: simple decoration style, Chinese style decoration style, American style decoration style and so on. When decorating, in addition to choosing the style of decoration according to your own preferences, you must choose according to the actual area of ​​the house. Generally small-sized households will choose a simple style of decoration, so that the whole house will appear larger. Today, I would like to briefly introduce the techniques for the simple decoration of small houses for everyone.

Small apartment simple decoration skills - how to plan the layout

1, avoid overfilling

Although the size of small-sized units is limited, adequate storage can also achieve the effect of space saving and visual extension. However, the use of space should be reasonable and excessive. Over-accommodation will only make the space even more crowded and it will create a sense of repression.

Suggestion: Use embedded furniture or built-in storage furniture to prevent excessive items from being stored outside to hinder vision. Wall shelves should not be stored too much. One wall is sufficient.

2, to avoid too strong regional division

There is a limited space for small units, and it is emphasized that the regional division will appear to be more narrow in each area. Many people use different materials and heights to divide the area in order to highlight the sense of the region. This creates a "cloakage" phenomenon in small houses, which hinders vision and wastes space.

Suggestions: Consider open and spatially interactive layouts, such as guest dining and open kitchens, to reduce the hard area division.

3, socket can not be too little

Although the units are small, they must meet the needs of daily life and have higher demand for electricity distribution. If there are too few switch interfaces in the decoration, it will cause a lot of inconvenience for subsequent rework and daily life, especially if there are too many rows, it does not look good.

Suggestion: Plan well in the early design period to avoid the lack of interface after the late furniture and pattern changes.

Small apartment simple decoration skills - how to choose the style of color

1. Blind use of dark walls

Most people like to use dark-colored walls in large areas in order to reveal deep squats. However, the use of dark-colored wall surfaces in small-sized units will make people feel depressed and psychologically reduce their space.

Suggestion: It is recommended to use light-colored wall surfaces, especially the white wall is the most suitable, and the small apartment color can not be too much, too much miscellaneous.

2, blindly using bright colors

In general, bright colors can make the space appear spacious, but the large-sized bright colors of small-sized units are easy to produce visual fatigue.

Suggestion: The bright color is best embellished. It should also be combined with the dark floor and furniture.

Small apartment simple decoration skills - how to configure home products

1, avoid large pieces of furniture stacked

Large furniture is obviously not suitable for small-sized units. Apart from being bulky and taking up space, what is more important is that it is inconvenient to move and display, so that small-sized units look more crowded.

Suggestion: Small-sized furniture should be based on practicality, first purchase the size of the planned furniture. Also consider the storage function, such as: the surrounding of the bed should choose a drawer cabinet, the wardrobe should be selected narrow and multi-level.

2, avoid blindly use the mirror to create transparency

Mirrors are often used extensively in small homes. They can produce reflections that make the space more transparent. However, the rational use of mirrors is a difficult problem. Excessive people can cause a sense of dizziness.

Suggestion: To choose a suitable location for embellishment, such as: In the blind corners or dark corners of the light, it is appropriate to arrange them in blocks or strips. Avoid mirrors of the same area in two-by-two, that will make people feel uncomfortable.

3, bogey light has no primary and secondary

The sense of boundary between small-sized areas is not strong, which undoubtedly caused greater difficulties for the selection and use of lamps. People tend to put only one or a few main lights on and look too monotonous.

Suggestion: The small-sized apartment is easy to divide the room's limited space with too large lamps, making the room look small. Therefore, the main lamp does not consider the installation of chandeliers, but the use of ceiling lamps; the surrounding lights can form a decentralized lighting effect, so that the room is spacious; the room lighting should be the main and the times, the main light with a simple shape of the ceiling lamp, Accompanied by table lamps, wall lamps, spotlights and so on.

Editor's summary: Through the above introduction, I believe we have a certain understanding of the small apartment simple decoration , in fact, the simple decoration of small units should pay attention to many issues, such as: furniture can not be more, the size of the furniture to meet the actual area of ​​the home, Try to focus on simplicity!

Small apartment simple decoration

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