Interior decoration pollution misunderstanding indoor decoration pollution control method

The home is a haven for everyone. However, the pollution of interior decoration is widespread. We must learn more about the knowledge of the pollution of decoration. Stay away from decoration pollution and protect family health. Many people there are some errors interior decoration pollution control methods that interior decoration pollution, what does? The following Xiaobian give you a detailed explanation about it.

Misunderstanding of interior decoration pollution

1. Many people think that vinegar can cure indoor decoration pollution, but it turns out that vinegar is an acidic substance that can neutralize ammonia in the air. It does not react with other harmful components such as formaldehyde.

2. Planting plants at home is a must for every family. Many people think that plants can manage indoor decoration pollution, but the key is that they play a very small role, even minimal, for the harmful gases produced during the renovation. The plants can't solve the problem at all, and they can't even protect themselves.

3. Most people will put some tea roots at the bottom of their homes, wardrobes, and toilets, hoping to remove harmful gases. However, most people do not know that the tea root can only play the role of covering the odor, there is no release function, so this can not solve the indoor decoration pollution.

4. After each home is renovated, the windows will be opened for ventilation, which will improve the indoor pollution. However, the finished house has a lot of harmful substances. The release of these harmful substances is slow, and some of them are as long as 3-15 years. Therefore, short-term ventilation treatment is not advisable.

5. Some people think that there is a more pungent odor in the room that needs to be treated, and they do not understand that some harmful substances are colorless and odorless. The consequences of long-term inhalation of the body are unthinkable.

Indoor decoration pollution treatment method

1. For the harmful gases released from the plate during decoration, we can use the chemical decomposition reaction principle to buy some products like formaldehyde trapping agents in the market to remove odors and spray them in the renovated room. This method has obvious effects.

2. In the newly renovated house, we can also use activated carbon to control the pollution, because activated carbon can absorb macromolecular gas suspended particles in the air, which can achieve the effect of filtering and purifying air. When we put activated carbon, we can regularly expose the activated carbon to sunlight, which can extend the service life.

3. Removal of indoor decoration pollution We can also buy some air purifiers on the market, which can purify various harmful substances in the air, to a certain extent, play a certain role. And there is no secondary pollution.

4. The photocatalytic treatment method is also a good method for deodorization. When purchasing on the market, we must pay attention to inferior products. We must have light to do it, and photocatalytic treatment is effective for a long time.

Article Summary: To thoroughly manage the pollution of interior decoration , it is still necessary to consider long-term, after all, the health is the most important. Want to have a safe and comfortable home, we must know more knowledge, more treatment methods misunderstanding interior decoration and interior decoration pollution pollution are some of the small series of ideas, hoping to help you.

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