Chengdu furniture market looking for positive energy

Review of 2012, subject to the purchase of the property market, raw material prices, labor prices, RMB appreciation impact of 30 years of rapid development of the furniture industry to drive out of the highway checkpoints. In 2012, Chengdu's furniture industry encountered various embarrassing situations. Some enterprises were struggling. Various pessimisms emerged endlessly. The "winter" atmosphere has always shone over the industry.

Due to the rapid deterioration of the Chengdu furniture market, the Chinese furniture industry that has been suffering for a long time has emerged. Nowadays, the entire Chengdu furniture industry realizes that the essential change is the hope of the industry, and it is the smart choice for tapping the "business opportunities" under the new situation. On December 26-27, 2012, the "Subversion & Repositioning-China Furniture Industry Development Summit Forum and the Sixth (2012) China Furniture Industry Annual General Appraisal Awards" award ceremony, known as the "Oscar of the Chinese Furniture Industry", was held in Beijing Shan Yu shouted.

Today's market environment is a severe test for Chinese furniture companies and a major development opportunity. Due to the serious overcapacity of the Chengdu furniture industry and the unbalanced channel ecology, the long-term industry stocking has led to the arrival of today's industry reshuffle. China's furniture industry has slowed down and calmed down from the rapid development process, and has deep thinking and self-cognition. This is an inevitable process for an industry to mature and an inevitable stage for an industry to mature!

"Subversion & repositioning", driven by "subversion" thinking, with "repositioning" as the research theme, take the morbidity of the Chinese furniture industry chain, feel the breath of Chengdu furniture market under the transformation, and talk about enterprise relocation and industrial ecological chain Reconstruction, study transformation and upgrading tactics, and explore the Sunshine Avenue that stands out. In the difficult moment of the "freezing point" of the Chinese furniture industry, the theme of "subversion & repositioning" is undoubtedly a topic that is close to the actual situation of the industry and hits the focus of the industry. Chinese furniture companies can only grasp the future by reflecting on yesterday, subverting the past, and accelerating transformation and upgrading!

In 2012, while people worried about whether the end of the world would come back, the spread of positive energy was frequently advocated. During the 6th General Furniture Industry Appraisal, experts in the industry and those who are concerned about the development of the furniture industry have made a few remarks, pointing the maze; constant humor and eloquent words. Through the display of the achievements of the construction of furniture industry bases in various places and the dialogue with the heads of enterprises, we felt that furniture people catered to the market with a more proactive attitude, innovated marketing and adjusted the layout to seize the market, and the subdivision also accelerated while the reshuffle increased The industry is constantly improving.

Looking back on the past year and looking forward to the development trend in 2013, with the positive energy of Chengdu furniture furniture industry, Chengdu furniture exhibition, Chengdu furniture store , Chengdu furniture enterprise and other industries, we are full of confidence and jointly welcome the Chinese furniture after the storm and baptism in a more upward attitude New chapter.

A thousand miles begins with a single step!

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