Keep your family drinking water healthy water purifier tips

Nowadays, people are increasingly demanding the quality of life. In the aspect of drinking water, water purifiers are becoming more and more popular, but do you know what to pay attention to during the use of water purifiers?

[Use small and medium wisdom]

1. The water storage tank is a fragile product, so be careful when installing and moving.

2. The upper cover of the water storage tank of the water purifier can be opened. If there is no problem of water or water in use, the upper cover can be rotated counterclockwise and the necessary inspection can be carried out in time.

3. If the water purifier is not applicable for a long time, the inlet ball valve must be closed, and all the water in the pressure tank should be discharged. Check whether the appearance of the machine is normal before using it again. After confirming the normal, the water source can be connected. Bucket water is also recommended to be discharged.


1. The water storage tank is a plastic material, which has a great reflection on the temperature difference. Do not install it outdoors or in a humid place. Otherwise, the aging problem will occur. At the same time, the service life will be affected and shortened.

2. Some circuit systems are included in the water purifier. It is best not to disassemble it at will.

3. After the water purifier is used, the ultrafiltration membrane filter should be kept in a wet state. If the ultrafiltration membrane filter is dried, the water production will drop sharply and cannot be recovered.

4. Do not use the water purifier for more than three days. When using it again, the water purifier should be rinsed repeatedly for 2-5 minutes until the water in the water purifier is drained.

5. In winter, due to the low temperature, the tap water pipe is prone to burst and stop water. Try not to use the water purifier during the water stop. It is best to close the inlet ball valve.

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