Zhao Boyi, secretary-general of the association, visited and researched Jiang Diamond shares and Wuhan Rui Te

Abstract [China Superhard Materials Network News] On January 5, 2015, Zhao Bo, Secretary General of China Superhard Materials Association and Shi Chaoyi, General Manager of China Superhard Materials Network, visited the Jiangdui Technology Center in Jiangxia District of Wuhan. Received the warm reception of Dr. Song Quansheng from the Technical Center, double...
[China Superhard Materials News] On January 5, 2016, Zhao Bo, Secretary General of China Superhard Materials Association and Shi Chao, General Manager of China Superhard Materials Network visited the Jiangdui Technology Center in Jiangxia District of Wuhan. Wuhan Ruite Diamond Co., Ltd., located in Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, was warmly received by Dr. Song Quansheng, General Manager of Jiangdui Technology Center, and Hu Sichu, Chairman of Wuhan Rui Te, and fully in-depth on related issues such as industry development. Communication.

Jiang Diamond Technology Center

Zhao Bo, the secretary general of the association, visited the Jiangdui Technology Center (right: Song Quansheng, general manager of Jiang Diamond Technology Center)
Jianghan Petroleum Drill Bit Co., Ltd. is a national first-class enterprise, a national key high-tech enterprise, and the largest and world-class oil drill manufacturer in Asia. The company's predecessor Jianghan Drilling Factory was founded in 1973. In the 1980s, it successfully introduced foreign oil bit advanced technology. It was restructured and listed in 1998. It is headquartered in Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone and has two drill manufacturing units: Qianjiang Drilling Division and Shanghai Branch. At the base, there are subsidiaries such as Chengdejiang Drill.
The company develops cooperation in production, learning, research and use for the market, continuously promotes technological innovation and product research and development, develops independent intellectual property rights, and actively builds a technical system with independent intellectual property rights. At present, it has obtained 110 Chinese patents, the United States, Russia, There are 11 foreign patents and 115 proprietary technologies in Iran.
The company has established a marketing service network covering all major oil fields in the country and covering the world's five continents. There are 18 domestic service stations and 6 foreign offices. The domestic market share of the leading product oil roller cones has remained above 60% for many years, and the international market share has reached 10%. The products are exported to 31 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan and Sudan.
The company adheres to the implementation of lean production, intensifies technological transformation and application of new technologies. It has 341 sets of advanced equipment such as Salman machining center and FMS flexible production line in the world's advanced level. The manufacturing technology has maintained a leading domestic and international advanced level. 9 standard series, 1400 varieties of bit manufacturing capabilities. Continuously obtained the right to use the US API Monogram, and passed the international ISO9001 quality certification review and HSE system certification audit.
The company regards technological innovation as the core, regards product quality as the key, and regards customer satisfaction as the standard. Over the years, with its strong strength, good reputation, strict quality management and excellent customer service, it has won high recognition from customers and has been Awarded “National Patent System Advanced Collective”, “National Quality and Efficiency Advanced Enterprise”, “National Product Quality After-sales Service Double-Advanced Enterprise”, “World Market China (Petroleum Machinery) Top Ten Brands”, “The 5th China Most "Innovative enterprise" and other honorary titles.

Wuhan Ruite Diamond Co., Ltd. (Wuhan Rui Te) is a specialized company engaged in the research, development, design and manufacture of diamond composite materials. Its main products are diamond composite sheets and diamond composite teeth. The products are widely used in petroleum geological drilling and coal mining. Mining, road and bridge engineering rock excavation, and other areas of wear resistant tools.
Wuhan Rite was founded by Jianghan Petroleum Drill Bit Co., Ltd. (referred to as Jiang Diamond Co., Ltd.) and was registered on December 28, 2002 in Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone. In 2006, it passed the ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification. In 2008, it was awarded the qualification of Wuhan High-tech Enterprise. In 2010, it passed the ISO9001-2008 quality system certification.
Wuhan Rite adheres to the quality policy of “advanced technology and customer first”, and is committed to the development of diamond composite technology. It has long-term investment in R&D expenditure exceeding 10% of annual revenue, and has carried out a lot of basic research to form material failure analysis and material design. Diamond composite technology system consisting of powder processing, high temperature and high pressure, measurement and control of key technology status, product performance testing, downhole condition simulation and testing, product technology database and statistical analysis of data; continuous and in-depth attention to customer needs, 2008 In the year, we established a joint research institute with strategic customers to open the process of constructing a technical data system for integrating diamond composite materials and key processes of drill bits. In 2012, he participated in the establishment of Wuhan Exploration Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which specializes in the research, development, design, manufacture, sales and technical services of wireless LWD logging systems, and opened the technical data system process for building key processes for integrated drilling, drill bits and diamond composite materials. . In 2014, the process of digitizing and automating the process of building diamond composites was started.
Wuhan Rui Te has an excellent talent team and excellent manufacturing, testing and analysis equipment, the integrity and advancement of the technical system, the effectiveness of the quality system supports the rapid response to the needs of users, and the product performance has been evaluated by many Fortune 500 companies. It is recognized that more and more products are sold to China, the United States, Russia, Australia, the Middle East and Japan, including offshore oil drilling.

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