How to choose energy-saving glass doors and windows

Many people do not pay attention to the doors , windows and glass of residential buildings when buying a house , but just feel "pretty" in appearance. Industry insiders indicate that doors, windows and glass are not only the eyes of the building, but also the key structure of building energy efficiency.

Doors and windows

1. The bigger the form, the less energy saving

The large area of ​​window heat dissipation is glass, not window frames. Glass accounts for 70% to 90% of the area of ​​different types of windows. The window types commonly used in architecture are generally sliding windows, casement windows and fixed windows.

The structure of the sliding window determines that it is not an ideal energy-saving window: structurally speaking, the casement window has a clear advantage over the sliding window.

The window frame of the fixed window is embedded in the wall, the glass is directly mounted on the window frame, and the four sides contacting the glass and the window frame are sealed with sealant. Under normal circumstances, it has good water tightness and air tightness, and the air is difficult to pass through the seal The glue forms convection, so there is very little convective heat loss.


2. High-tech glass brings energy-saving revolution

In addition to windows, there are also choices of glass. The light transmission coefficient of glass materials, direct sunlight transmittance, relative heat gain and heat transfer coefficient and other indicators have a great influence on the indoor thermal environment of the building and energy consumption of heating and air conditioning. When choosing the decoration, you should understand the material, performance, and use of some energy-saving glass. Several energy-saving glass materials currently used mainly include coated glass, insulating glass and glass with film-type heat reflective material. General building doors and windows account for more than 40% of building energy consumption. For example, coated glass mainly includes solar heat reflective glass, low-e glass and multi-functional coated glass.

Doors and windows

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