Remember the use of explosion-proof floodlights

The use of explosion-proof floodlights: According to the actual needs of the work site to determine the lighting installation location and method, and then according to the distance from the lamp to the power contact to prepare the corresponding length of Φ8 ~ Φ14mm three-core cable.

Open the end cap of ballast, loosen the pressing nut of the ballast cable inlet, and lead the lamp cable and power cable through the compression nut to the internal terminal of the ballast, connect and fix, and tighten separately. Cables tighten nuts and tighten ballast end caps.

According to the determined installation location and method, the lamps and ballasts are installed, and the other end of the input cable of the ballast can be connected to the 220V power supply according to the requirements of explosion-proof.

Loosen the screws at the bottom of the lamp holder bracket, and adjust the lighting position by rotating 360° around the lamp holder; loosen the screws on both sides of the lamp holder, adjust the lighting angle of the lamp holder up and down according to the lighting requirements, and then fasten the screws.

When replacing the lamp, use a suitable screwdriver or other tool to insert the front cover into the holes on the two front side of the front cover, remove the bad lamp, and replace the new one.

The use environment of explosion-proof lamps Flammable substances can also be classified into two categories according to the ignition energy of these substances. The hard-to-light and easily ignited substances require explosion-proof lamps as the only light source. Low fire risk, that is not easy to ignite, also need to install explosion-proof lights to prevent the future, ignite highly flammable substances, known as difficult to ignite substances; easily ignited substances, to purchase good explosion-proof manufacturers The explosion-proof lamp products produced can be ignited under the action of a rather weak ignition source. After the explosion-proof lamp is turned off, the ignition source concentration and the explosion-proof lamp temperature in the workshop must be strictly observed, so that the explosion-proof lamp housing can be safely used in the environment. If you turn it on, you can turn it on. If you don't ignite the ignition source, it will spread quickly and the consequences will be unthinkable. Remember.

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